Let’s talk about “Let’s Talk About…”

여러분 안녕하세요! Hi everyone!

We’ve had a LOT of traffic on the site, which has been really exciting for us since we’ve been wanting to talk to you!

We were trying to figure out a way that we could give you, our wonderful friends, a space where you could talk about Kpop. We’re not a forum, and frankly those things are CRAZY, but we want to let you really speak up on Kpop and tell us what you think!

So, we’ve created the “Let’s Talk About…” just for you! It’s a section where we’ll post interesting questions for you guys to talk about. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here, but these questions are for YOU. Let your voice be heard!

Do you have suggestions for a “Let’s Talk About…”? Send an email to us at kpopkollective@gmail.com! We’ll take your suggestions and put them up, just like we did for KeysKay for the first one 🙂

Let’s talk!

Michelle Asks “What about KYU JONG?!”

Hello. My name is Michelle, and my Ultimate Bias is Kim Kyu Jong of SS501.

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to fill you in on why he doesn’t have his own, special profile on the site.

We were deciding today what to do about Kpop idol groups who have members that debut as solo artists – where do we put them? What counts as debuting as a solo artist? How do we tell you about their stuff? SS501 is a perfect example because 4 out of 5 members have debuted as solo artists: Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Joon, Heo Young Saeng, and Kim Hyun Joong. Kim Kyu Jong has not debuted as a solo artist, although he has decided to be in the Japan production of the musical Goong.

So, as CeeFu was putting up information for Heo Young Saeng, I began to pout: everyone’s going to get a profile except Kyu Jong! But there is a method behind this madness: we are giving individual profiles to members of idol groups who have 1. released a solo album AND 2. done promotional work for their album. So, people who have only released digital singles and who have not done promotional work will not get their own page.

It’s okay, heartLANDers, don’t cry! There’s good news! We WILL be putting up important individual work under “(group) Fan Facts” which will include such information as digital singles released, K Drama appearances, roles in musicals, and more. So, to see stuff that Kyu Jong has done, just go to “SS501 Fan Facts.”

Okay, I feel better now. I had to make sure that all the Pretties knew we weren’t neglecting Kyu Jong!

I love this picture! Credit: my computer.  I don't remember where I got it :p

The Ever-changing Site

As we sit here and tweak our website layout, we realized that there may be people who get confused with the constant changes.

And we also realize that there may be people who are coming to the site and asking, “Where’s all your stuff for N-Train? Boyfriend? 4minute? A-Peace? Aren’t you supposed to be an archive?”

Yes, we are an archive, but we’ve only JUST STARTED to build this. It’s hard to get everything done on everyone with just 4 people working on it! On top of all that, I (Michelle) love messing with the layout of the site, and since technology is NOT my friend this often means tweak after tweak after tweak and long hours of saying “I’ve wiped the file? I’ve wiped ALL the files? I’VE WIPED THE INTERNET?!” (Eddie Izzard, anyone?)

Plus, Kpop is an ever-changing world. New groups are coming out all the time, current groups are coming back or doing lots of new work, and we can’t forget to include out Kpop legends. So, our goal is to get EVERYONE. But it’s going to take us a while.

We’re going to do our best for you! Please be patient, and come back to the site often, because you never know how many new and exciting things will have happened here!

Oh, and TAKE THE SURVEY!!!!!!!!!! DO IT! Please?

About the TV Appearances

So, we’ve started adding lists of TV Appearances for all the idols. Which is awesome, right? But you may look at those lists and think that shows are “missing” because they aren’t listed.

Variety shows like Star Golden Bell or 100 out of 100, and interview shows like 3 Color Women or Strong Heart haven’t been listed because EVERYONE goes on those shows. If you want to watch your favorite idols on those shows, you can type in “(Idol’s Name) on Star Golden Bell” and a ton of clips will come up for you to enjoy.

Instead, we’ve decided to list all the shows that are exclusively about a certain idol or group. This means that the shows have to star the idols and be focused entirely on getting to know them. These lists don’t include appearances of those groups on other idols’ shows, although we’ll probably add a “Featuring” list to shows that have multiple guest appearances.

Here’s an example: U-Kiss was on Maknae Rebellion for a season, and the show was entirely about them. So, Maknae Rebellion is going to be listed under U-Kiss’ TV Appearances. A whole bunch of other idols appeared on U-Kiss’ Maknae Rebellion like SHINee, MBLAQ, and FT Island. We’re not going to list Maknae Rebellion in THEIR TV Appearances list, though, because they were guest-stars and were not actually the focus of the show. However, we might have Maknae Rebellion written as “Maknae Rebellion (feat. SHINee, FT Island, MBLAQ)” on the U-Kiss page.

We would LOVE to give you full, complete lists of every single appearance of every single idol on every single show, but there’s just too many to handle! Besides, some groups have complete lists for all of their TV Appearances, and others don’t – so while we can search YouTube all we want, there may still be a lot of videos that we miss just because there are so, so many.

On top of all that, you may also wonder why we aren’t linking the lists to the videos. We’re not doing that because TV shows get taken down from YouTube or are uploaded with no name or a different name to avoid being taken down. Music videos, on the other hand, tend to stay around longer, especially when the companies or idols have an official YouTube channel. We’re hoping that, by listing the TV shows idols have been on that are exclusively focused on them, you’ll be able to do some searching on your own and find them, either on YouTube or some other video site, because these lists will be good for finding out new or obscure shows that your favorite idols have been on.

Does that make sense? I hope it does!

I Love KPop, But I’m Under 18. Why Can’t I Take The Surveys?

First of all, WE LOVE ALL PEOPLE WHO LOVE KPOP! Shout out to our under-18 friends! We know you are working very hard to keep a lot of us updated with pictures and information about our favorite KPop artists. And while we have an age restriction on the surveys, we really want you to leave comments on any post on the site! We also want to be friends, so friend KPK and the administrators on Facebook!

We do not ask people who are under 18 to take the surveys because the academic research community considers them to be “protected subjects,” along with pregnant women and the elderly. We would have to get under-18-ers to get their parents’ permission in a way that will not get us sued later. There is also the distant possibility that your answers would be embarrassing to you later. We do not want your expressions of undying love of MBLAQ NOW to interfere with your FUTURE possibilities! 🙂 We are responsible, but researchers in the past have done unethical things to “protected subjects” so there are now special rules.

We’re just lookin’ out for YOU!

How is KPK different from Kpop news sites?

So, how is Kpop Kollective, an archive of information on Kpop groups, Kpop vocabulary, and (coming soon!) Kpop news stories, different from other sites such as Gokpop or Hello Kpop?

First of all, we love the Kpop news sites! We get our information from them, and check it against other news sites. We look at the stories they publish all the time. I mean, we’re fans, we want to know when Super Junior and SNSD are going to debut in Japan too!

However, we’re not trying to be like the Kpop news sites. Remember, we LOVE them! A LOT! But they don’t always have all of the information we need about Kpop. Did you know that Gokpop doesn’t have any info on Battle? Battle was the protege group of Shinhwa before they disappeared, in case you didn’t know. It’s hard to find info on them ANYWHERE, so it’s not Gopkpop’s fault or anything, it just takes a lot of searching.

This is exactly what we’re here for. Kpop Kollective goes around, gathering information on ALL HALLYU KPOP IDOLS who have been around since 1997. We visit all of the Kpop news sites as well as fan forums and websites, get as much information as we can, triple-check to make sure it’s accurate, and then put it all in one place. We also go around and grab really important news stories from the sites, things like interviews idols do for magazines and such.

So, as of right now, here are a few things we have in the works that will make us even more different from other Kpop sites:

  1. Hallyu Timeline – this is going to take us a while, but we’re going to put together a huge timeline about all of Hallyu Kpop. But it’s not just a timeline. It will also be a RELATIONSHIP CHART, that will link certain idols together to show a relationship. For example, there will be a link between Lee Hyo Ri and Fin.K.L, because Lee Hyo Ri was in Fin.K.L before she debuted as a solo singer.
  2. Database and Archive – not only are we putting together a huge database of accurate information on Kpop idols, fans, and vocabulary, but we are also going to archive music videos, and important news stories. What this means is that we won’t be publishing news stories so much as storing them on our site (which then means you can go look at them), and the stories we save are going to be more significant to Kpop as a whole, so that means that there won’t be stories about so-and-so finally finished knitting her scarf or so-and-so trash talks on Twitter.
  3. Surveys – We have two surveys, both of which are research for an academic study. Not for marketing. These surveys are going to help us publish academic articles and books about Kpop fans around the world. We still need you to take the surveys, and we’ve made them as fun as possible (we had a lot of fun writing them, and we took them ourselves to make sure that they were fun!) but they are important because we are asking questions about Kpop that no one has asked yet.

So, that’s why we’re different. We store information, we get as much accurate and important information as we can, and we have surveys that will give us important information about Kpop that the world should know.

Where are the SM groups’ fansites?!

If you’ve been visiting the site and looking at the (slowly) growing archive of information, you know that we try to include links to each groups’ official fanclub website. You also know that we have SM groups like SHINee and SNSD’s official fanclub websites as “unavailable.”

Why, you may ask?

The official fansites for SM idol groups are usually located at smtown.com, so they DO EXIST. However, whenever we try to go to smtown.com, it loads




It loads so slowly that three ice ages could come and go before we can actually get to it. We tried to load SHINee’s smtown.com page and waited for about 30 minutes. AT BEST. Just to get to the opening page, which is then almost impossible to navigate away from! We are not necessarily impatient people, but that was just ridiculous.

We don’t have an explanation for why this happens. It could be that because we’re over in the US our internet does not connect to smtown.com well. It could be that SM groups like SHINee and SNSD are so incredibly popular that the website is jammed with visitors. We’re not totally sure, but we don’t want to subject others to the trials we’ve had to go through to get to these pages.

To try to make it up to everyone, we include more websites in the SM groups’ “Related Websites” sections to find you more reliable places to get your Kpop information.

If you’re brave and patient and want to try to get to smtown.com and find your group’s fansite, we wish you the best of luck.