How is KPK different from Kpop news sites?

So, how is Kpop Kollective, an archive of information on Kpop groups, Kpop vocabulary, and (coming soon!) Kpop news stories, different from other sites such as Gokpop or Hello Kpop?

First of all, we love the Kpop news sites! We get our information from them, and check it against other news sites. We look at the stories they publish all the time. I mean, we’re fans, we want to know when Super Junior and SNSD are going to debut in Japan too!

However, we’re not trying to be like the Kpop news sites. Remember, we LOVE them! A LOT! But they don’t always have all of the information we need about Kpop. Did you know that Gokpop doesn’t have any info on Battle? Battle was the protege group of Shinhwa before they disappeared, in case you didn’t know. It’s hard to find info on them ANYWHERE, so it’s not Gopkpop’s fault or anything, it just takes a lot of searching.

This is exactly what we’re here for. Kpop Kollective goes around, gathering information on ALL HALLYU KPOP IDOLS who have been around since 1997. We visit all of the Kpop news sites as well as fan forums and websites, get as much information as we can, triple-check to make sure it’s accurate, and then put it all in one place. We also go around and grab really important news stories from the sites, things like interviews idols do for magazines and such.

So, as of right now, here are a few things we have in the works that will make us even more different from other Kpop sites:

  1. Hallyu Timeline – this is going to take us a while, but we’re going to put together a huge timeline about all of Hallyu Kpop. But it’s not just a timeline. It will also be a RELATIONSHIP CHART, that will link certain idols together to show a relationship. For example, there will be a link between Lee Hyo Ri and Fin.K.L, because Lee Hyo Ri was in Fin.K.L before she debuted as a solo singer.
  2. Database and Archive – not only are we putting together a huge database of accurate information on Kpop idols, fans, and vocabulary, but we are also going to archive music videos, and important news stories. What this means is that we won’t be publishing news stories so much as storing them on our site (which then means you can go look at them), and the stories we save are going to be more significant to Kpop as a whole, so that means that there won’t be stories about so-and-so finally finished knitting her scarf or so-and-so trash talks on Twitter.
  3. Surveys – We have two surveys, both of which are research for an academic study. Not for marketing. These surveys are going to help us publish academic articles and books about Kpop fans around the world. We still need you to take the surveys, and we’ve made them as fun as possible (we had a lot of fun writing them, and we took them ourselves to make sure that they were fun!) but they are important because we are asking questions about Kpop that no one has asked yet.

So, that’s why we’re different. We store information, we get as much accurate and important information as we can, and we have surveys that will give us important information about Kpop that the world should know.

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