A bias is someone’s favorite from one particular group. It is a singer that you like everything about: their singing, dancing, unusual quirks, and other activities such as acting and modeling. An ultimate bias is a person’s favorite out of all the Kpop groups.

For example, my bias in SS501 is Heo Young Saeng. I love his voice, his quiet ways,his beautiful smile, his CHEEKY CHEEKS and the fact that he is the Bad Boy Otter Prince!


My ultimate bias is Onew from SHINee. A very intelligent man, I love his unassuming ways offstage, his mad crazy performances onstage and especially his Onew Sangtae! He is a really good leader, looking out for the maknae Taemin, and is always sweet and polite, and also has a beautiful smile.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Brittany says:

    I LOVE Heo Young Saeng. He’s such a cutie and he has an angelic voice 🙂

    1. CeeFu says:

      Yes, and the cheeky cheeks! 🙂

  2. Kristinee says:

    Yay we share the same ultimate bias(: Onew<333

    1. CeeFu says:

      It’s really hard not to like Onew, especially his sangtae! 😀 No one else has that!

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