I Love KPop, But I’m Under 18. Why Can’t I Take The Surveys?

First of all, WE LOVE ALL PEOPLE WHO LOVE KPOP! Shout out to our under-18 friends! We know you are working very hard to keep a lot of us updated with pictures and information about our favorite KPop artists. And while we have an age restriction on the surveys, we really want you to leave comments on any post on the site! We also want to be friends, so friend KPK and the administrators on Facebook!

We do not ask people who are under 18 to take the surveys because the academic research community considers them to be “protected subjects,” along with pregnant women and the elderly. We would have to get under-18-ers to get their parents’ permission in a way that will not get us sued later. There is also the distant possibility that your answers would be embarrassing to you later. We do not want your expressions of undying love of MBLAQ NOW to interfere with your FUTURE possibilities! 🙂 We are responsible, but researchers in the past have done unethical things to “protected subjects” so there are now special rules.

We’re just lookin’ out for YOU!

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