Where are the SM groups’ fansites?!

If you’ve been visiting the site and looking at the (slowly) growing archive of information, you know that we try to include links to each groups’ official fanclub website. You also know that we have SM groups like SHINee and SNSD’s official fanclub websites as “unavailable.”

Why, you may ask?

The official fansites for SM idol groups are usually located at smtown.com, so they DO EXIST. However, whenever we try to go to smtown.com, it loads




It loads so slowly that three ice ages could come and go before we can actually get to it. We tried to load SHINee’s smtown.com page and waited for about 30 minutes. AT BEST. Just to get to the opening page, which is then almost impossible to navigate away from! We are not necessarily impatient people, but that was just ridiculous.

We don’t have an explanation for why this happens. It could be that because we’re over in the US our internet does not connect to smtown.com well. It could be that SM groups like SHINee and SNSD are so incredibly popular that the website is jammed with visitors. We’re not totally sure, but we don’t want to subject others to the trials we’ve had to go through to get to these pages.

To try to make it up to everyone, we include more websites in the SM groups’ “Related Websites” sections to find you more reliable places to get your Kpop information.

If you’re brave and patient and want to try to get to smtown.com and find your group’s fansite, we wish you the best of luck.

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