About the TV Appearances


So, we’ve started adding lists of TV Appearances for all the idols. Which is awesome, right? But you may look at those lists and think that shows are “missing” because they aren’t listed.

Variety shows like Star Golden Bell or 100 out of 100, and interview shows like 3 Color Women or Strong Heart haven’t been listed because EVERYONE goes on those shows. If you want to watch your favorite idols on those shows, you can type in “(Idol’s Name) on Star Golden Bell” and a ton of clips will come up for you to enjoy.

Instead, we’ve decided to list all the shows that are exclusively about a certain idol or group. This means that the shows have to star the idols and be focused entirely on getting to know them. These lists don’t include appearances of those groups on other idols’ shows, although we’ll probably add a “Featuring” list to shows that have multiple guest appearances.

Here’s an example: U-Kiss was on Maknae Rebellion for a season, and the show was entirely about them. So, Maknae Rebellion is going to be listed under U-Kiss’ TV Appearances. A whole bunch of other idols appeared on U-Kiss’ Maknae Rebellion like SHINee, MBLAQ, and FT Island. We’re not going to list Maknae Rebellion in THEIR TV Appearances list, though, because they were guest-stars and were not actually the focus of the show. However, we might have Maknae Rebellion written as “Maknae Rebellion (feat. SHINee, FT Island, MBLAQ)” on the U-Kiss page.

We would LOVE to give you full, complete lists of every single appearance of every single idol on every single show, but there’s just too many to handle! Besides, some groups have complete lists for all of their TV Appearances, and others don’t – so while we can search YouTube all we want, there may still be a lot of videos that we miss just because there are so, so many.

On top of all that, you may also wonder why we aren’t linking the lists to the videos. We’re not doing that because TV shows get taken down from YouTube or are uploaded with no name or a different name to avoid being taken down. Music videos, on the other hand, tend to stay around longer, especially when the companies or idols have an official YouTube channel. We’re hoping that, by listing the TV shows idols have been on that are exclusively focused on them, you’ll be able to do some searching on your own and find them, either on YouTube or some other video site, because these lists will be good for finding out new or obscure shows that your favorite idols have been on.

Does that make sense? I hope it does!

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