2022 Recruitment for HWAITING! The K-pop Music Research Accelerator

Are you outside of academia yet do research on K-pop music or related topics? Are you an advanced undergrad or grad student researching K-pop music, but lack a research community? Do you want an opportunity to hone your analytic skills and publish on K-pop music? Consider applying to HWAITING! The K-pop Music Research Accelerator!


HWAITING!: The K-Pop Music Research Accelerator cultivates and produces public scholarship on global Korean popular music (K-pop). Managed by KPK: K-pop Kollective, the oldest and only public scholarship site for K-pop, HWAITING! houses an online research community that publishes music analyses. Its mission is to generate comprehensive, well-informed discourse around K-pop music that contributes to an understanding of its content, history,  impact and development.  

The HWAITING! Accelerator functions as a: 

  • study group that reads scholarly writing and discusses topics related to K-pop music to keep members current with K-pop music discourse
  • listening group that shares music recommendations to expand the knowledge base of its members and help others find music beyond their favorites  
  • writing group that publishes music analyses accessible to a general audience, thereby providing opportunities for members to share their knowledge

Ideal applicants can be within or outside academia,  work on K-pop or related topics and would benefit from being a part of an active  K-pop research community. This includes advanced undergraduates, current/former graduate students, bloggers, journalists and podcasters. Knowledge of or familiarity with multiple K-pop artists/groups is required.

Generally, members can expect to spend 1-2 hours a week on HWAITING. Members will be expected to:

  • write a 150-200-word musical analysis of at least one K-pop track every other month  to be published on KPK: Kpop Kollective. (For an idea, see WWLT, Vol. 2, No. 3
  • participate regularly in discussions about scholarly writing and critical topics relevant to K-pop music
  • provide progress reports on individual projects as needed

To apply. Complete this short form, which will also ask you to provide a reference, someone who can confirm your interest in K-pop. References will be contacted. Deadline: September 23, 2022. Questions? Contact Dr. Crystal S. Anderson, csaphd5@gmail.com.

Image by scott payne from Pixabay

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