1TYM: Hip Hop For All Time

1TYM, KPOPIANA, http://kpoparchives.omeka.net/items/show/784

One of the earliest hip-hop groups in K-pop, 1TYM is a four-member Korean hip-hop group made up of members Teddy (Park Hong Jun), Danny (Im Tae Bin), Jin Hwan (Oh Jin Hwan), and Baek Kyoung (Song Baek Kyoung). The emerged in the wake of earlier hip-hop artists, such as Jinusean, Deux and Tiger JK, but before idol hip-hop groups like BigBang. The group was signed with YG Entertainment and debuted on November 28, 1998 with a song and CD both titled “One Time For Your Mind.”  For Basic Info, Videography and Discography, see 1TYM’s profile on KPOPIANA.

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Other YG Entertainment Artists

Jinusean • Epik High • BigBang

Similar Artists

Tiger JK/Drunken Tiger • Deux

Profile Credits

Original Profile: Michelle Brew Baxter, Kaetrena Davis Kendrick • Revised Profile: Crystal S. Anderson

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