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1sagain: Da Hitmaker

1sagain (Park Jin Woo)
1sagain (Park Jin Woo)

1sagain is a Korean rapper who keeps a very low profile, generating very little media outside announcements about upcoming releases.

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Name:  1sagain (“once again,” Park Jin Woo)

Members: N/A

Debut: 2002

Label: Neuron Music

Fandom: N/A



Ju Bora | Paul Kim | Molly D. | Bada Lee


1sagain and Heenain: Sick Of It All MV | 1sagain and Illy: Love is Over MV | 1sagain and Donnie J: Depressed MV  | 1sagain and Ju Bora: If You Leave Me MV | 1sagain and Park Sumin: Go Home MV




1sagain and Heenain: Sick Of It All MV. neuron music. “원써겐 (1sagain) – 이젠 지쳤어.. (feat.히나인) – Official M/V, ENG Sub.” YouTube. 14 Sept 2011. (29 Nov 2016).

1sagain and Illy: Love is Over MV. CJENMMUSIC. “원써겐 (1SaGain) – Love Is Over (Feat. 일리) MV.” YouTube. 17 Jan 2013. (29 Nov 2016).

1sagain and Donnie J: Depressed MV. neuron music. “원써겐&도니제이 (1sagain&Donnie J) – 우울해 (Depressed) – Official M/V, ENG Sub.” YouTube. 10 Jul 2011., (29 Nov 2016).

1sagain and Ju Bora: If You Leave Me MV. neuron music. “원써겐&주보라 – 날 떠난다는 가정 아래 (New) – Official M/V.” YouTube. 16 Jul 2014., (29 Nov 2016).

1sagain and Park Sumin: Go Home MV. neuron music. “원써겐 (1sagain) – Go Home (feat.박수민) – Official M/V, ENG Sub.” YouTube. 12 Mar 2014., (29 Nov 2016).

Block B: Busting Out

Block B
Block B

Seven member group Block B (short for Block Buster) debuted in 2011 under the Brand New Stardom label. Group members Zico (Woo Ji Ho), Taeil (Lee Taeil), B-Bomb (Lee Min Hyuk), Jaehyo (Ahn Jae Hyo), U-Kwon (Kim Yu Kwon), Kyung (Park Kyung), and P.O. (Pyo Ji Hoon) have made a mark in Kpop due to their rapping and performing skills. . . . Click here to read more at KPOPIANA.

2NE1: Music for Anyone


2NE1 burst onto the music scene in 2009 with their debut song Fire. The group’s name means “New Evolution of the 21st Century,” showing that they want to add their unique style to the existing pop music industry. After making a name for themselves in Korea with their popular songs, the group also debuted in Japan with their hit single I am the Best. The four girls aim to show the world their music for everyone. . . . Click here to continue reading on KPOPIANA.

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Dara (2NE1)
Dara (2NE1)

CN Blue: Code Name Blue


CN Blue

CN BLUE is an acronym for Code Name: Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, Emotional. Each adjective refers to each individual member of the four-man rock band. They made their debut with the album Now or Never in Japan in 2009 under AI Entertainment, followed by their Korean debut in 2010 with FNC Music. . . Click here to continue reading on KPOPIANA.

2PM: They’re Your Men


2PM debuted in 2008 under JYP Entertainment. Other groups debuting that year included sister group 2AM, and Davichi, SHINee, and U-KISS. A sub-group of One Day (made up of 2AM and 2PM), 2PM debuted with seven members: Park Jae Beom (Jaebeom), Kim Jun Su (Junsu), Nichkhun Horvejkul (Nichkhun), Ok Taec Yeon (Taecyeon), Jang Woo Young (Wooyoung), Lee Jun Ho (Junho), and Hwang Chan Sung (Chansung). The group is known for their athletic choreography and for breaking away from the modern boy-band “flower boy” (kkotminam) image. . . . Click here to continue reading on KPOPIANA.



Beast debuted in 2009 under Cube Entertainment. Other groups that debuted that same year were 4Minute, 2NE1, After School, T-Ara, MBLAQ, Secret, and f(x). Beast debuted with six members- Yoon Dujun (Dujun), Son Dong-woon (Dongwoon), Lee Gi-kwang (Gikwang), Yang Yo-seob (Yoseob), Jang Hyun-seung (Hyunseung), and Yong Jun-hyung (Junhyung). Originally formed as B2ST, they soon changed their name to BEAST prior to debuting. However, they continue to use “B2ST” in all their promotions. At first, Beast was referred to as the “Recycled Group” because of the members’ associations with past groups, such as Hyunseung’s prior training with BigBang. Nevertheless, they were able to surpass such nicknames by showing their own style. The group is known for their fierce and signature choreography, as well as a free yet handsome, youthful appearance.. . . Click here to continue reading on KPOPIANA.