How We Get Down: KPK Documents Your Stuff!

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As part of KPK’s decennial year, we are launching K-pop Commons, a repository of K-pop project ephemera – documents and artifacts that were not created for formal publication or commercial display (e.g., books, book chapters, galleries/exhibitions), but that are meaningful to the creators of the items and that reflect the impact of K-pop on those who know it best: fans. 

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This Week in K-pop: TVXQ in Japan, New Releases, Choreo Versions (6/10 – 6/15)

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The Return of the Kings

TVXQ broke attendance records by attracting one million to their “Begin Again” Tour in Japan that began in November 2017. This also sets a new record for most concertgoers in a single tour for a foreign artist in Japan. This is significant, as the tour is the first following their mandatory military service. As a veteran K-pop group that has been together over 15 years, the concert attendance shows that TVXQ remains popular in the competitive Japanese market. (See Soompi: “TVXQ Sets New Record in Japan for Foreign Artists With Most Concertgoers At A Single Tour“)

New Video

New videos this week from Longguo (aka Kim Yong Guk, formerly of JBJ) and Nano (formerly of History), OSTs for Are You Human? and About Time, newcomers DPR Live and BlackPink and veteran K-pop group SHINee.

Longguo, “Clover” Ft. Yoon Mirae

Lyn, Hanhae, “Love,” Are You Human? OST Part 2

DPR Live, “Playlist”

Hui, “Maybe,” About Time OST Part 3

Nano, “Walkin’ (ft. Pry)”

SHINee, “I Want You,” The Story of Light EP. 2

BlackPink, “뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU),” Square Up


Choreography videos from fromis_9, A.C.E and Viction.

fromis_9, “두근두근(DKDK)” Choreography Ver.

A.C.E, “Take Me Higher” Relay Dance

Viction, “Time of Sorrow (오월애)”


Choon Entertainment. “[MV] 용국(LONGGUO) – CLOVER(Feat.윤미래).” YouTube. 13 Jun 2018. (13 Jun 2018).

SUPER SOUND Bugs! “[M/V] LYn, HANHAE(린, 한해) – LOVE.” YouTube. 12 Jun 2018. (18 Jun 2018).

Dream Perfect Regime. “DPR LIVE – Playlist (OFFICIAL M/V).” YouTube. 12 Jun 2018. . (18 Jun 2018).

Stone Music Entertainment. “[멈추고 싶은 순간 : 어바웃타임 OST Part 3] 후이 (Hui) – Maybe MV.” YouTube. 12 Jun 2018. (18 Jun 2018).

SUPER SOUND Bugs! “[M/V] NANO(나노) – Walkin’ (feat. Pry) (Prod. HSND).” YouTube. 11 Jun 2018.  (11 Jun 2018).

SMTOWN. “SHINee 샤이니 ‘I Want You’ MV.” YouTube. 11 Jun 2018. (13 Jun 2018).

BLACKPINK. “BLACKPINK – ‘뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)’ M/V.” YouTube. 15 Jun 2018. (15 Jun 2018).

Official fromis_9. “프로미스나인 (fromis_9) – 두근두근(DKDK) Choreography ver.” YouTube. 12 Jun 2018.  (18 Jun 2018).

M2. “[릴레이댄스] 에이스(A.C.E) – Take Me Higher.” YouTube. 11 Jun 2018. (13 Jun 2018).

VICTON 빅톤. “VICTON 오월애 안무영상 (Choreography) 가쿠란 Ver.” YouTube. 10 Jun 2018. (13 Jun 2018).

Kpop Kollective: Saving Kpop, One Profile at a Time


KPK: Kpop Kollective is the oldest and only aca-fansite for modern Korean popular music (K-pop). Established in 2010, it has developed into a community of practice  and a thematic research collection centered on K-pop.  Kpop Kollective promotes the public’s understanding of contemporary Korean popular culture, creates resources and provides analysis and context on K-pop from a global perspective.

4MEN: First Love

4MEN: First Love


L-R: Kim Jon Woo, Shin Yong Jae, and Young Jae

4MEN is a Korean male vocal group known for its R&B-inflected songs, along with other K-pop groups that debuted in the late 1990s, including Fly to the Sky, g.o.d and Shinhwa.  The group began with four members, but its latest releases feature only two members. Despite personnel changes, the group has produced a rich discography grounded in group harmony. 4MEN positions themselves within K-Soul:  “We want our fans to know that Korean singers also understand R&B and soul music well and Korean traditional ballad music and K-Soul of R&B sentiment have been popular in Korea before the start of the K-pop heat” (Nini).

Image: 1


Name: 4MEN, named for the number of original four members of the group

Members: Young Jae, Shin Yong Jae, Kim Won Joo, J1*, Yoon Min Soo*^, Jeong Se Young *^m Kee Jeong Ho*^ (*former member; ^original member)

Debut: February 1, 1998

Label:  YWHO Golden Bridge/Sony Music; Happy Face Entertainment (YWHO merges with Happy Face Entetainment in 2011)

Fan name and origin: N/A

Website: N/A


Love Tonight • Once While Living • I Love You • 사랑 • I Can’t’ 못해 • Everything • Confession 고백 • Knock Knock Knock • First Kiss

(Click on Playlist Menu to view videos)


First Album (1998) • 집 이렇게 천일동안 모으면 이별이 사라진다고 했다 (2002) • Andante (2006) • 선물 (Digital Single) (2007) • 멜로디 (Digital Single) (2008) • First Kiss (2008) • Voice of Autumn (2009) • Special album – The 3rd Generation (2010) • Baby Baby + 4men (2010) • 4men + E-Tribe – YOU (2010) • 4men + Sorry (2010) • 4men + Individuality (2010) • YWHO 2010 Winter Serenade  (2010) • Secret Garden OST (2011) • The Artist (2011)

(Click on slideshow to view tracklists)


Dal Shabet


Fly to the Sky • Brown Eyed Soul


Nini. “[Inside the Music] VIBE and 4MEN Talk About ‘K-Soul’ and US Tour.” hellokpop. 1 Feb 2015. Evernote..


Original Profile: Kaetrena Davis Kendrick • Revised Profile: Crystal S. Anderson

Top 10 K-Pop Boy Bands You Need To Know – Billboard

With all due respect to the ladies, K-pop probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the boys.

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it’s hard to win with these types of top ten articles. What criteria was used? Sales? Popularity? 

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Americans Finally Get to Stream (Almost) All the K-Pop They Want With Apple … – Billboard

With the launch of Apple Music, K-pop fans finally got their wish to stream all their favorite artists on one platform… well, almost all of them. 

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This story raises questions about music listening habits of K-pop fans, many of whom come to K-pop through the Internet.

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K-Pop Crossover: Berklee College Of Music Nurtures Another K-Pop Act With … – KpopStarz

Berklee College of Music has seen several K-pop talents pass through its doors, and the latest sensation could be the duo Highbrow.

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K-pop continues to promote collaboration with artists outside of Korea.

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Choices in K-pop raise serious questions – Korea JoongAng Daily

Korea JoongAng Daily Choices in K-pop raise serious questions Korea JoongAng Daily “Koreans don’t really raise or see racial issues in K-pop videos [because they are so used to seeing Hollywood-style videos of the same nature], so [it’s…

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This story takes up the issue of representation of other ethnicities in K-pop, which is significant given that K-pop is itself a hybridized musical form directed towards global audiences. At the same time, it suffers from presentism, pointing to very recent music videos to make its point.  In doing so, it overlooks older music videos by artists such as Seo Taiji and Boys and Baby VOX, which features other ethnicities in their videos, as well as other visual venues where other ethnicities may be present, such as concerts. 

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From BTS To EXO, Weibo Accounts Become Popular Among K-Pop Stars … – KpopStarz

The recent trend of K-pop idols opening up Chinese social media accounts shows the importance of the Chinese market to the success of Hallyu stars.

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As K-pop continues to make inroads into China through social media, it will be interesting to see how that works in light of China’s record on media control.

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