#digitalhallyu: Mindomo X Hallyu

Crystal S. Anderson, PhD

Associate Professor of English, Longwood University

At KPK, we receive frequent requests for information from people want to get up to speed on Hallyu quickly, but do not have much familiarity with Hallyu as a cultural movement. So, Kaetrena Davis Kendrick and I used Mindomo, a web-based mind-mapping tool, to create a visual of the basics of Hallyu, or the Korean Wave.


I chose Mindomo because it was fairly easy to use, with a low learning curve. We created our mind map using the free version of the service. It allowed us to organize well-known elements of Hallyu, like K-pop, K-drama and Korean film, and show the complexity through the use of sub-categories with text boxes and links.  For example, the general public may be aware of K-pop (thanks, Psy), but the mind map allows them to see other aspects of K-pop, including creative personnel, K-pop media, and fandoms. The mind map also allowed us to represent other significant aspects of Hallyu, such as the impact of technology as well as political, economic and academic implications.

We like Mindomo because it allowed us to show the relationship between concepts in Hallyu in a visual way. It also provided a way to convey basic yet comprehensive information about Hallyu, which can be daunting for newbies. Best of all, Mindomo generates a shareable link, so that it can also function as a resource. We hope that people will use our Hallyu schematic, and, as always, cite us when they do.

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