S.E.S: Remember

By Crystal S. Anderson, PhD

Research Scholar, Longwood University

Formed in 1997 by SM Entertainment, S.E.S debuted the same year as Baby V.O.X, Jinusean and Sechs Kies and became the first successful female group in the Hallyu K-pop era.  Arriving on the burgeoning K-pop scene in the wake of H.O.T’s success, S.E.S represents the beginning of the female K-pop group.  While some, like Yeran Kim, argue that the group “uniformly featured a girlie image mainly appealing to girl subculture groups,” S.E.S’s career shows how female K-pop groups developed its sound and image over time (338). Kim Chang Nam notes how S.E.S distinguished themselves from other female groups: “S.E.S started off with an image as cute-looking girls and later moved toward more mythical and unrealistic characters” (95).  Like many of the first generation idol groups, S.E.S disbanded within five years, in 2002. The members continued to have careers in the entertainment industry. Bada has gone on to appear in musicals, Eugene continued on as a singer as well as actor in K-dramas and Shoo has subsequently recorded music. In late 2016, S.E.S announced their comeback.


BoA | Kangta | J-Mi | Dana | Sunday | Henry | Taemin | Zhou Mi | Kyuhyun | Jonghyun | Amber | Taeyeon | Ryeowook | Yesung | Tiffany | Luna | Lay | Seohyun | Hyoyeon | TVXQ | TRAX | CSJH The Grace | Super Junior | Girls’ Generation | SHINee | f(x) | EXO | Red Velvet | NCT


  1. S.E.S X Fin.K.L X Baby V.O.X X H.O.T



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