45RPM: Boom Box


One of the first rap groups in South Korea, 45RPM recall the music landscape in the late 1990s: “‘Back then, there was nothing like what we call pure rap. You know how they have some sort of bridge, and then a little rap here and there. But when I started listening to LPs, I liked that with just rap, pure rap, I can express myself and thoroughly speak my mind,’ J-Kwondo said” (The Korea Herald).  Known for being staples in underground Korean hip-hop, they have collaborated with more mainstream artists, including K.Will (KpopStarz).


Name: 45RPM, 45 revolutions per minute, the speed of vinyl music

MembersJ-Kwondo (Park Jae Jin), Smash (Lee Hyun Bae)

Debut: 1999

LabelYG Entertainment (2005 – ?)

FandomSa-Sip-Oh (45 in Korean)

Website: N/A




  1. 45RPM X DJ Doc. 리기동 + STREET LIFE Performance | 2. 45RPM X DJ Soulscape: 붐박스 [Boom Box] MV | 3. 45RPM X Lee Seung Hwan: This Is Love MV | 4. 45RPM X LOCO: Performance on Mnet K-pop


Image: 1

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