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  • 1978 MBC, TBC Hungjangdansang Award
  • 1981 KBS Musician Award
  • 1984 KBS Musician Award
  • 1994 KBS Artist of the Year Award
  • 1995 KBS Broadcasting Female Musician Award, KBS Artist of the Year Award
  • 1996 SBS Seoul Sports / Seoul Music Awards Musician Award , SBS Jejan Music Awards Dukbeyeolsang Award, KBS Artist of the Year Award
  • 1997 4th Republic of Korea Arts and Entertainment Award/ Prime Minister’s Medal Award
  • 1997 The Republic of Korea Mokryeonjang Medal Award
  • 2004 The 6th Korean Performing Arts Cooperation
  • 2004 Best Singer Category
  • 2004 KBS Bonsang Music Award, Seoul Sports Bonsang Music Award, 17th Korea Broadcasting Awards Singer/Producer Award
  • 2005 Korea Broadcasting Hyeophui Singer Division Bonsang Award
  • 2006 Women’s Leadership Award
  • 2007 KBS-2TV Music Bank Winner
  • 2007 MKMF Heonjeongsang Award
  • 2009 Republic of Korea Arts and Culture Award

Television Appearances

  • 2011 I Am A Singer (Nagasu)


  • 2009 Chicago (as Velma Kelly)
  • 2011 Cats (as Grizabella)


  • Insooni was born to a Korean mother and an African American father (on tour with the US military in South Korea)
  • She originally debuted in the group Hee Sisters (희자매) in 1978

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Uppercut **Coming Soon**

Father + Kiss


Goodbye (Crime Squad OST Pt. 2)


Wake Up


Goose’s Dream

My Friend

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Legend (30th Anniversary Concert, 2 Discs (Release Date: July 19, 2011)(Label: Vitamin Entertainment)

Disc One

  1. Intro
  2. Passion (열정)
  3. 떠나야 할 그 사람 (He Had to Leave)
  4. Hypnosis (최면)
  5. Havanera
  6. Tell Me
  7. 실버들 (Of Silver)
  8. Life (인생)
  9. 에레나라 불리운 여인 (Bulriun Array: The Country Girl)
  10. Good Girls (착한 여자)
  11. Come, O Heavens + I’m the World to Come + Quality (하늘이여 제발+세상이 날 오라하네+질)
  12. Venus
  13. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Disc Two

  1. L’Immensita
  2. Wait (잠깐)
  3. Lady Marmalade
  4. It’s Raining Men
  5. Climb Every Mountain
  6. 또 (And)
  7. Higher
  8. Head Shot + Girls (단발머리+소녀시대)
  9. Every Night (밤이면 밤마다)
  10. My Friend (친구여)
  11. Goose’s Dream
Uppercut (Release Date: February 22, 2011)(Label: KT Music)

  1. Uppercut feat. Supreme Team
  2. Uppercut – Instrumental Ver.
  17th Vol (Release Date:May 8, 2009)(Label: KT Music)

  1. Fantasia
  2. Cry
  3. Perfume (향수)
  4. Father (아버지)
  5. Opportunity (기회)
  6. Wake Up (일어나)
  7. Roots (Prologue) [뿌리 (Prologue)]
  8. Wood (나무)
  9. Daughter (딸에게)
  10. Love Song (사랑가)
  11. Merry Merry
  12. Fantasia – Instrumental Ver.
  Anthology 97-08 (2 Discs) (Release Date: January 28, 2001)(Label: KAPP)Disc One

  1. Goose’s Dream
  2. Second Separation (두번째 이별)
  3. Beautiful Revenge (아름다운 복수)
  4. 이름없는 꽃다발 (A Bouquet of Nameless)
  5. Every Night (밤이면 밤마다)
  6. 실버들 (Of Silver)
  7. Dolorosa
  8. Tell me
  9. Love Song (사랑가)
  10. Hypnosis (최면)
  11. Outside of Love (사랑이 떠나가네)
  12. Goose’s Dream – Instrumental Ver.

Disc Two

  1. Tonight – Jeppet Wzsh Mix
  2. Love
  3. Lullaby Birdland
  4. Life
  5. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
  6. My Love
  7. My Friend (친구여)
  8. Tonight (Original Mix)
  9. Journey (여정)
  10. 비에 스친 날들 (Graze Rain Days)
  11. Emergency (비상)
  12. Amazing Grace
Goose’s Dream/ Dreaming for Everyone (Release Date: February 1, 2007)(Label: KAPP)

  1. Goose’s Dream
  2. Goose’s Dream – Instrumental Ver.
  3. Goose’s Dream – Radio Edit
  4. Goose’s Dream – Director’s Edit
  5. Oh Heavens… Please (from the Jumong OST)
  Goose’s Dream (Release Date: January 29, 2007)(Label: KAPP)

  1. Goose’s Dream (거위의 꿈)
  2. Goose’s Dream – Instrumental Ver.
  Remix Party with DJ Oga (Release Date: September 19, 2006)(Label: Kingpin Agency Distributors)

  1. Passion (Feat. Misseura Jin, Evil Monkey)
  2. Passion – Original remix
  3. Passion – Piano Mix
  4. Passion – DJ Oga Vocal Rounge Remix
  5. Passion – DJ Oga 77 String Mix
  6. Passion – DJ Oga Rap Groove Remix
  7. Passion – Insooni solo
  Amazing Grace (Release Date: August 11, 2008)(Label: KAPP)

  1. The Lord God Who Made The World (주 하나님 지으신 모든 세계)
  2. Praise Jesus (찬양해 Jesus)
  3. Dolorosa
  4. Prayer Opened My Eyes (내 눈을 뜨게 하소서)
  5. Rainbow (무지개)
  6. 예수 사랑하심은 (Jesus Loves Hasimeun)
  7. Life (인생)
  8. Higher
  9. My Friend feat. JoPD [친구여 (Featuring 조PD)]
  10. Through Christ
  11. 주의 자비가 내려와 (Note Mercy Down)
  12. Naui Wang Apeseo
  13. Amazing Grace
  Can You Feel It? (Release Date: August 10, 2006)(Label: Kingpin Agency Distributors)

  1. Passion (Feat. Misseura Jin, Evil Monkey) – Original Ver.
  2. Passion (Feat. Misseura Jin, Evil Monkey) – Club Mix Ver.
  3. Passion – Instrumental Ver.
  4. I Love You
He’s Going To Leave/ Tell Again (Release Date: July 26, 2005)(Label: KBS Media)

  1. Going to Leave Him (떠나야할 그 사람)
  2. Say It (다시 말해요)
  3. Sunset (석양)
  4. Spring Rain (봄비)
  5. Memory (추억)
  6. Who? (누가)
  7. Therefore, The Trail (오솔길을 따라서)
  8. Go (가야지)
  9. 달님아 (Dalminah)
  10. Raindrop (빗방울)
A to Z (Release Date:September 9, 2004)(Label: KAPP)

  1. Tonight
  2. Higher
  3. While Laughing (웃고 있지만)
  4. My Life
  5. Story (연가)
  6. Journey (여정)
  7. Swing My Baby
  8. Lover (연인)
  9. Now That Women (여자이니까)
  10. Wait (잠깐)
  11. First Love (첫사랑)
  12. 비에 스친 날들 (That Went Rain Days)
  13. My Friend (친구여)
  14. Emergency (비상)
Insooni Jazz (Release Date: September 24, 2003)(Label: KAPP)

  1. Love
  2. Caravan
  3. Changbu Taryong
  4. Autumn Leaves
  5. Lullaby Birdland
  6. Sasul Nanbong Ga
  7. Life
  8. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
  9. Smile
  10. All the Things You Are
  11. Monologue
  12. My Love
  13. Monologue
  14. Love – Child Ver.
  My Turn (Release Date: June 2001)(Label: KAPP)

  1. Tell Me
  2. Lover (애인)
  3. Life (인생)
  4. Love Song (사랑가)
  5. 가 (A)
  6. Hypnosis (최면)
  7. Rainbow (무지개)
  8. When the Morning (아침이 오면)
  9. Outside of Love (사랑이 떠나가네)
  10. All for Us
From Deep Within My Soul Geueukhi (Gospel Two) (Release Date: January 1, 1997)(Label: KAPP)

  1. From Deep Within My Soul Geueukhi
  2. The Lord God Who Made The World (주 하나님 지으신 모든 세계)
  3. Breath Every Day, Every Minute (날마다 숨쉬는 순간마다)
  4. Holy God, Thank the Lord (거룩하신 하느님 주께 감사드리세)
  5. Before Leaving the House Today (오늘 집을 나서기 전)
  6. Dolorosa
  7. We Share the Good Shepherd (선한 목자되신 우리 주)
  8. 내게 강같은 평화 (Ganggateun Me Peace)
  9. 죄에서 자유를 얻게 함은 (Means You Get Free From Sin)
  10. My Prayer (나의 기도)
  11. Through Christ
  12. Praise Jesus (Praise the Lord Delighted) [찬양해 Jesus (찬양해 주를 기뻐해)]
Future & Memories (Release Date: 1997)(Label: KAPP)

  1. Prologue
  2. S.O.S.
  3. Second Separation (두번째 이별)
  4. Beautiful Revenge (아름다운 복수)
  5. 이름없는 꽃다발 (A Bouquet of Nameless)
  6. Cinema
  7. Every Night (밤이면 밤마다)
  8. My Friend (친구여)
  9. 실버들 (Of Silver)
  10. Staring at the Sky (하늘을 바라보소)
  11. Saved it For Love (아껴둔 사랑을 위해)
  12. Epilogue
The Golden Album (Release Date: May 1992)(Label: KAPP)

  1. Beautiful Country
  2. Swaying Reeds
  3. Where Are You Here
  4. 야속한 내님
  5. Separation of the Pupils
  6. 길섶에 핀 꽃 (Pin Flowers on Gilseop)
  7. You and Me
  8. I Miss My Love
  9. Desire
  10. Every Night
  11. Sad Morning
  12. Midnight
  13. 내 고향집 (My Gohyangjip)
  14. Why Did You Leave Me?
  15. Solitude
Good Girls (Release Date: July 1, 1991)(Label: KAPP)

  1. Wait (잠깐)
  2. Difficulties (애로)
  3. Staring at the Sky (하늘을 바라보소)
  4. 눈물에 안긴 이별 (Angin Tear Breakup)
  5. 이젠 가슴아픈말 하지 말아요 (I’m Not To Say Painful)
  6. Good Girls (착한 여자)
  7. Men Will Never Forget (잊지못할 남자)
  8. 아카시아 길 (Acacia Road)
  9. To Go Alone (혼자 가려고)
  10. Practice Separation (이별연습)
Turning Point (Cravings/Beautiful You) (Release Date: January 1, 1989)(Label: KAPP)

  1. Cravings
  2. Beautiful You
  3. 내리네 (Signed the)
  4. In the Hearts and Minds (마음과 마음으로)
  5. Abandoned Moments (지나버린 순간들)
  6. Practice Separation (이별연습)
  7. Roses and Notes (장미 그리고 메모)
  8. 마구마구 사랑해 (I Love a Bunch of Fives)
  9. 샹들리제
  10. Wine (와인)
  Special (As Ever, The Distance) (Release Date: March 1, 1988)(Label: KAPP)

  1. As Ever, The Distance
  2. Move (Now! 뭉치자)
  3. Crossed My Face at the Window
  4. Departure (출발)
  5. Last Night in my Dream
  6. 눈물에 안긴 이별 (Angin Tear Breakup)
  7. Life is Unknown
  8. I Love You
  9. 이젠 가슴아픈말 하지 말아요 (I’m Not To Say Painful)
  10. 서로믿는 우리마음 [Is sound (like us who believe in each other)]

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