A BIG Thank-You to SHINee World!



WOW! It has been an amazing day, thanks to sisters Gökçe and Merve Talay who run the Facebook page “SHINee World” (http://www.facebook.com/liveinshineeworld)!

We contacted them a while ago asking for some help, and within this ONE day they have responded, put up a link to us on their page, and had a HUGE impact on our project! We’ve never had so many people look at our site or take our surveys at once!

This is a very touching thing for us, since we are such a young website and we’ve only been getting the word out for a short time. We knew it would take a while to get a lot of people, but the sudden burst of people visiting the site makes us so happy!

So, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Gökçe and Merve  and visitors from SHINee World on Facebook! Keep spreading the word, and come back to the site as we build it up! 🙂

~Michelle and CeeFu

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