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iFans Update: Anniversary Fan Projects


Screencap, 5th Anniversary Project by Italian Blackjacks
Screencap, 5th Anniversary Project by Italian Blackjacks

One of the most common projects for K-pop fans is the anniversary fan project. It is usually the result of a call for fans to participate in a project by sending a photo or making a video, then some enterprising K-pop fans combine them together for an anniversary video Because the iFans project seeks to document and curate K-pop fan culture, it has opened a new collection: Anniversary Fan Projects. This week’s videos range from a debut anniversary project by fans of UKISS to a 12th anniversary project by international fans of BoA. Click here to see more!

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UKISS: Going the Distance

“U-KISS, KPOPIANA,  http://kpoparchives.omeka.net/items/show/284.
“U-KISS, KPOPIANA, http://kpoparchives.omeka.net/items/show/284.

U-KISS is a seven member group that is signed with NH Media. The group debuted in 2008 with members Xander (Alexander Lee Eusebio), Kibum (Kim Kibum/Allen Kim), Soohyun (Shin Soo Hyun), Kiseop (Lee Ki Seop), Eli (Kim Kyoung Jae/Eli Kim), Kevin (Kevin Woo/Woo Sung Hyun) and Dongho (Shin Dong Ho). In 2011, Kibum and Xander left the group and were replaced with current members AJ (Kim Jae Seop) and Hoon (Yeo Hoon Min).

To see the enhanced profile, including discographies and videographies, click the image to go to KPOPIANA, KPK’s multimedia database on Korean popular music of the Hallyu era!