A bias is someone’s favorite from one particular group. It is a singer that you like everything about: their singing, dancing, unusual quirks, and other activities such as acting and modeling. An ultimate bias is a person’s favorite out of all the Kpop groups.

For example, my bias in SS501 is Heo Young Saeng. I love his voice, his quiet ways,his beautiful smile, his CHEEKY CHEEKS and the fact that he is the Bad Boy Otter Prince!


My ultimate bias is Onew from SHINee. A very intelligent man, I love his unassuming ways offstage, his mad crazy performances onstage and especially his Onew Sangtae! He is a really good leader, looking out for the maknae Taemin, and is always sweet and polite, and also has a beautiful smile.


A close friendship between two idols of the same sex. Both male and female idols have couples, but some groups don’t have couples, and some couples can span groups. Couples often have names that are combinations of two idols’ names. For example, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Key’s couple name is JongKey. ┬áSome fans may read romance into these relationships.

EunHae (Eunhyuk and Donhae from Super Junior); Credit: Kiss the Radio.