Soul in Seoul Playlist: g.o.d (Groove Overdose)

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Veteran “idol” group g.o.d (Groove Overdose) is the first K-pop artist explored in-depth in Soul in Seoul: African American Popular Music and K-pop. When writing the book, I always knew that g.o.d formed the foundation of understanding the use of R&B rhythm and vocals for later “idol” groups. Their consistent use of funk rhythms and vocals, especially gospel-inflected vocals over their decades-long career allows for an exploration of their sound over time, which remains remarkably consistent. The group’s engagement with black popular music ranges from soul ballads to upbeat dance tracks. Below find a collection of the best examples of g.o.d’s engagement with black popular music. (*Tracks marked with an * are explored further in the book).

  1. Observation, Chapter 1 (1999)* | 2. So You Can Come Back to Me, Chapter 1 (1999) | 3. With Little Men, Chapter 1 (1999) | 4. Promise, Chapter 1 (1999) | 5. Love and Remember, Chapter 2 (1999) | 6. Dance All Night, Chapter 2 (1999) | 7. Friday Night, Chapter 2 (1999) | 8. Five Men’s Story, Chapter 2 (1999) | 9. 21C Our Hope, Chapter 2 (1999) | 10. One Candle, Chapter 3 (2000)* | 11. Need You, Chapter 3 (2000) | 12. Lie, Chapter 3 (2000) | 13. Dance With Me, Chapter 3 (2000) | 14. Road, Chapter 4 (2001) | 15. The Place You Where You Should Be, Chapter 4 (2001) | 16. Let’s Go, Chapter 4 (2001) | 17. Report to the Dance Floor, Chapter 5: Letter (2002) | 18. Lately, Chapter 5: Letter (2002) | 19. The Reason Why Opposites Attract (Bandaega Kkeulrineun Iyu), Ordinary Day (2004) |  20. I Don’t Know Your Heart (Ni Mameul Molla), Into the Sky (2005) |  21. It’s Alright (ft. G-Soul), Into the Sky (2005) | 22. Crime (Mujoe), Into the Sky (2005) | 23. Change, Into the Sky (2005) | 24. Sky Blue Promise, Chapter 8 (2014)* | 25. Stand Up, Chapter 8 (2014) | 26. Saturday Night, Chapter 8 (2014)* | 27. G’swag, Chapter 8 (2014)

CONFERENCE ABSTRACT: 2013 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA)

Hybrid Hallyu: The American Soul Tradition In K-pop

2013 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA)

Washington, DC • March 27-30, 2012

Crystal S. Anderson, Ph.D. • Elon University

Hallyu (Korean wave), a Korean cultural movement directed towards global audiences, represents hybrid and transnational sensibilities.  Ever since the debut of Seo Taiji and the Boys in 1992, Korean popular music (K-pop) has been influenced by American soul and R&B.  This paper examines the soul tradition in contemporary K-pop by interrogating the adoption and adaptation of the genre by several K-pop groups.

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Let’s Call This Song Exactly What It Is: Defining K-pop

Crystal S. Anderson, PhD

Elon University

Everybody uses the term.  Some folks proudly embrace it; others run from it like the plague. But what is K-pop, and why is defining it important?

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Gummy (Park Ji Yeon)






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  • 19th Golden Disk Awards: Bonsang
  • 2004 Mnet Km Music Festival: Mobile Popularity Award “기억상실” (Memory Loss)


  • 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Vocal “남자라서” (Because You’re A Man)
  • 2010 Melon Music Awards: Best R&B Song “남자라서” (Because You’re A Man)

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If You Come Back

We Should Have Been Friends

Memory Loss


Childish Adult

I’m Sorry

There Is No Love

Because You’re A Man

We Should Have Been Friends

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Loveless- April 19, 20101. 그만 헤어져
2. Because of you
3. 사랑은 없다 (타이틀곡)
4. 남자라서 (타이틀곡)
5. 어떡해
6. 누구세요 (Feat.Bigtone)
Comfort- March 14, 2008

  1. Intro: Work it now (Feat. G-Dragon)
  2. Clap your hands (Feat. Perry)
  3. 미안해요 I’m Sorry (Feat. T.O.P)
  4. 사랑하지 말아요 (Don’t Fall In Love)
  5. 거울을 보다가 (Looking In The Mirror (Feat. Red Roc)
  6. Let’s Get It Party (Feat. 45RPM)
  7. 마지막 파티 (Last Party)
  8. 따끔 (Stings)
  9. 이별이 아니길 (Hope It’s Not A Good bye)
  10. I’m gonna miss u (Feat. Kim Ji Eun of Lady Collection)
  11. 여기까지만 (That’s All From Here Now (Feat. Skull)
  12. 환각 (Illusion)
  13. 음악이 끝나기 전에 (Before The Music Ends)
  14. 미안해요 (I’m Sorry) (Hare trance remix)
Unplugged- April 26, 2006

  1. 그대 돌아오면 (If You Come Back To Me)
  2. 친구라도 될 걸 그랬어 (We Should’ve Been Friends)
  3. 혼자만 하는 사랑 (Unrequited Love)
  4. 손 틈새로.. (Hands)
  5. 어른아이 (Childish Adult)
  6. 날 그만 잊어요 (Please Forget Me)
  7. 아니 (No)
  8. 하고 싶었어 (Wanted to)
  9. 기억상실 (Memory Loss)
  10. Dance Dance
  11. 나는.. (I Am)
  12. 부탁 (Request)
For the Bloom- September 1, 2005

  1. Gummitro
  2. Holic
  3. 손틈새로 (Hands)
  4. 아니 (No)
  5. 어른아이 (Childish Adult)
  6. 오늘은 헤어지는 날 (Today We Part Ways)
  7. Trap
  8. 평균 (Average)
  9. 혼자만 하는 사랑 (Unrequited Love)
  10. 실수 (Mistake)
  11. Secret
  12. 옷 (Clothes)
  13. 저기 가는 사람 (The Person Walking Away)
  14. Escape
It’s Different- September 4, 2004

  1. Gummy Skills (Intro)
  2. 하고 싶었어 (Wanted To)
  3. 내 곁에 잠이 든 이 밤에 (Sleeping Beside Me Tonight)
  4. 날 그만 잊어요 (Please Forget Me)
  5. 기억상실 (Memory Loss)
  6. Love Again (Feat. Ha Dong Kyun)
  7. Tonight (Feat. Wheesung)
  8. Dance Dance (Feat. Song Baek Kyoung of 1TYM)
  9. 그녀보다 내가 뭐가 (What Makes Her Better Than Me)
  10. So Much (Feat. Masta Wu)
  11. Witches (Doo-Loo-Wap) (Feat. Lee Eun Joo and Im Taebin of 1TYM)
  12. Round 1 (Feat. Jinu and Lexy)
  13. 인연 (Meant to Be)
  14. It (Don’t Matter No More)
  15. Singing My Blues (Outro)
  16. 날 그만 잊어요 (Please Forget me (Acoustic version) (Bonus Track)
Like Them- February 7, 2003

  1. 하고 싶은 말 (Words I Want To Say)
  2. 그대 돌아오면 (If You Come Back To Me)
  3. 친구라도 될 걸 그랬어 (We Should’ve Been Friends)
  4. Wanna Be
  5. 나는 (I Am)
  6. Do It
  7. 부탁 (Request)
  8. Phone Call
  9. 거기 그대로 (Stay There)
  10. 언제라도 (Anytime)
  11. 오늘도 온종일 (All Day Long)
  12. 가버려 (Go Away)

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Loveless- November 9, 2011

  1. I love you
  2. Love Recipe
  3. Sorry feat. TOP (BIGBANG)
    Ending track “Future Tracks → R” system ※ TV Asahi – November
  5. I want to forget
  6. Beautiful you

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