BoA: There’s Only One


BoA (Kwon Bo A) is a female solo artist who is known as the Queen of Korean popular music. Her stage name is a backronym of her birth and middle names (BoA), standing for Beat of Angel or Best of Asia. In 1998, BoA was discovered by SM Entertainment when she attended a talent search with an older sibling. She has been signed with the company since her training and debut at age thirteen in 2000, and her career is one marked by astounding international commercial success and longevity.

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Sunny Hill

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L to R: Jang Hyun, Kota, Ju Bi, Seung Ah, Misung; Photo Credit:
Name Sunny Hill
Meaning of Name Unclear
  • Jang Hyun (Kim Jang Hyun, leader)
  • Seung Ah (Lee Seung Ah)
  • Ju Bi (Kim Eun Young)
  • Misung (Lee Mi Sung)
  • Kota (Ahn Jin Ah, maknae)
Debut September 20, 2007
Status Active
Label Nega Network (2007-2010), LOEN Entertainment (2010-present)
Fan Name
  • HːLLЁR (Pronounced “Hiller”, official)
  • Sunshines
Origin of Fan Name
  • Originally fans called themselves ‘Sunshines,’ but during the group’s comeback in 2011 the official fancafe voted to change the name to HːLLЁR.
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  • Sunny Hill originally debuted in 2007 as a 3-member group with Jang Hyun, Ju Bi, and Seung Ah. Kota was added in 2010, and Misung was added in 2011.
  • Jang Hyun was one of the 5 winners of Let’s Coke Play Battle Shinhwa! and was accepted into the group Battle. He left to go to university before the group debuted.
  • The group was featured in  the music video for Narsha’s (from Brown Eyed Girls) Mama Mia
  • The female members of Sunny Hill recorded an OST for the drama The Greatest Love in 2011 called “Pit-a-Pat”



  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards – Rookie of the Month


  • 3rd Melon Music Awards – Music Style Best OST (“Pit-a-pat” for The Greatest Love)

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Midnight Circus

Love is All I Know

Ringback Tone

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Pray (Release Date: August 5, 2011)(Label: LOEN Entertainment)

  1. 기도(Pray)
  2. 기도(Pray) – Instrumental Ver.
  Midnight Circus (Release Date: June 9, 2011)(Label: LOEN Entertainment)

  1. Girl with an Accordian (Intro)
  2. 꼭두각시 (Puppetry)
  3. Midnigh Circus
  4. Let’s Talk About (feat. Jia)
  5. 기도 (Pray) – Preview
  6. Midnight Circus – Instrumental Ver.
  2008 Is My Summer (Release Date: July 3, 2008)(Label: Nega Network)

  1. 사랑밖엔 난 몰라 (Love is All I Know)
  2. 고무줄 (Sub. COOL하게 컴백 – Comeback) [Elastic, or Cool Makes a Comeback]
  3. My Girl
  4. 사랑밖엔 난 몰라 (Love is All I Know) – Instrumental Ver.
  5. 고무줄 (Sub. COOL하게 컴백 – Comeback) [Elastic, or Cool Makes a Comeback] – Instrumental Ver.
  6. My Girl – Instrumental Ver.
  Winter Story (Release Date: November 15, 2007)(Label: Nega Network)

  1. Winter Story
  2. Winter Story – Instrumental Ver.
  Love Letter (Release Date: September 20, 2007)(Label: Nega Network)

  1. 너니까 (You’re the One)
  2. Good-bye New York
  3. 통화 연결음 (Ringback Tone)
  4. 가버려 (Just Walk Away)
  5. 너니까 (You’re the One) – Instrumental Ver.
  6. Good-bye New York – Instrumental Ver.
  7. 통화 연결음 (Ringback Tone) – Instrumental Ver.
  8. 가버려 (Just Walk Away) – Instrumental Ver.

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