Sechs Kies: Com’Back

Sechs Kies
Sechs Kies

Crystal S. Anderson, PhD
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Sechs Kies is one of most popular 1st-generation male K-pop “idol” groups and contemporaries of H.O.T.Sechs Kies, means “six pebbles” in German. Original group members include leader Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, Kim Jae Duk, Kang Sung Hoon and maknae Jang Su Won.  Former group members include Ko Ji Yong. The group is also one of a handful of 1st-generation “idol” groups to make a comeback after a multi-year hiatus, signing with Big Three Korean agency YG Entertainment in 2016. The group debuted on April 15, 1997 with DSP Entertainment. Attesting to the continued popularity of the group, “Hours before the 5 p.m. concert, Sechs Kies’ fans — many of whom were in their 30s and older and some accompanied by their children — swarmed Olympic Park to see their favorites stars of their youth” (Korea Herald). Before 2016, the fandom was called Dear SechsKies Friend. After 2016, the fandom is referred to as YellowKies. 



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“Sechs Kies Calls Comeback Concert It’s ‘Dream Stage.” The Korea Herald. 12 Sept 2016, (3 Jan 2017).

Sechs Kies: Pebbles Rippling Out to Hallyu

Sechs Kies, KPOPIANA,
Sechs Kies, KPOPIANA,

During their three year tenure, Sechs Kies (German for “six pebbles”) successfully mastered and promoted several genres of music (pop, rap, R&B). Their efforts earned a number of awards (almost all Bonsang awards) from various entities, including Mnet’s Golden Disk and Korean Music Television Awards.

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