SE7EN: You Can Bet On Him

Se7en (Choi Dong-Wook), KPOPIANA,

Se7en (Choi Dong Wook) has been signed with YG Entertainment since he debuted in 2003. In addition to his Korean music career, Se7en has also debuted in Japan (2005) and has made in-roads in China and the United States. He is also known for his decision not to lip synch during live performances, and his dedication to music has been recognized via several awards, including numerous MNET and Golden Disc awards and a Seoul Music Award.

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JYP (Jin Young Park)

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JYP (Jin Young Park). (Source:


Park Jin-Young (Jin Young Park, JYP)






  •  As Is (?) 1994- 1997(?)
  • Tae-Hong Planning Corporation (1997-2001)
  • JYP Entertainment (2001-)

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  • Model Line Selected  ’97 Best Dresser
  • KBS Popular Song Grand Prize Singer in His Teens
  • SBS Popular Song Grand Prize Composer of the Year
  • Daily Sports Popular Song Grand Prize Teen Singer of the Year
  • Best Music Video (R&B category)
  • Mnet Music Video
  • Model Line’s Best Dressed of the Year
  •  Baek Sang Arts, New Actor of the Year

Television Appearances

  • Hot Blood Men, 2008
  • Dream High, 2011

Concert Tours

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No Love No More


Your House

Swing Baby

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   Dream High Original Soundtrack, Part 5. (January 31, 2011) 

  1. If
   JYP Nation – This Christmas (December 1, 2010) (JYP Entertainment)

  1. This Christmas
   Sad Freedom (December 1, 2009) (Loen Entertainment)

  1. Sad Freedom
  2. No Love No More
  3. Rewind
  4. Come Over
  5. No Love No More (remix)
  Wonder Girls – Nobody (September 22, 2008) (JYP Entertainment)

2. Nobody

  Dynamic Duo – Last Days (August 25, 2008) (Mnet Media)

6. 해변의 Girl (feat. 박진영)

   Back to Stage (November 19, 2007) (Loen Entertainment)

  1. Kiss
  2. 니가 사는 그집
  3. 니여자
  4. Delicious (니 입술이)
  5. Single (Feat. Bobby Kim)
  6. 딴따라 블루스
  7. 사실은
  8. 나 돌아가
  9. 이런 여자가 좋아 (featuring Dynamic Duo, 전제덕)
  10. 위험한 장난
  11. 엇갈렸어(Featuring t 윤미래)
  12. 대낮에 한 이별 (Featuring 선예(Wonder Girls))
  Legend Jeon Young Rok – 30th Anniversary Tribute Album (December 13, 2002) (Doremi)Disc One

5. 나를 잊지 말아요

   Rain (Bi) – Bad Guy (April 28, 2002) (JYP Entertainment)

11. What’s Love (featuring Danny, Lexy, Byul and JYP)

   Game (2001) (Dae Young AV Music)Disc 1

  1. Swing Baby
  2. 방문에서 침대까지
  3. 난 여자가 있는데
  4. 음음음
  5. 너의 손끝
  6. 창살없는 감옥
  7. 마지막 밤
  8. 처음 만난 남자와
  9. 놀이
  10. 해 달 별
  11. 밀애
  12. 데자부
Disc 2
  1. 날 떠나지마
  2. 너의 뒤에서
  3. 사랑 일년
  4. 청혼가
  5. 엘리베이터
  6. 영원히 둘이서
  7. 썸머 징글벨
  8. 그녀는 예뻤다
  9. Honey
  10. 십년이 지나도
  11. 사랑하기 때문에
  12. 왜 왜
  13. Kiss Me
  14. 회상
  15. 떠나서
  16.  헤어지면서
   Kiss Me (1998)

  1. Kiss Me
  2. 말을해
  3. 헤어지면서
  4. 안돼란 말은 안돼
  5. 회상
  6. 떠나서
  7. 내게 날아와
  8. 눈이 올때마다
  9. 재회
   Even After 10 Years (1998)

  1. Honey
  2. 천년의 사랑
  3. 졸업
  4. 뭔가 이상해(featuring 김진표,진주)
  5. 그녈 잡아요
  6. 십년이 지나도
  7. 날 데려가요(Featuring DANNY)
  8. 사랑하기 때문에(98 Vibe Version)
  9. 그날이 오면-서로 떨어져 있는 연인들을 위해
  10. Everynight
   Summer Jingle Bell (1997)

  1. 썸머징글벨
  2. 그녀는 예뻤다
  3. 사랑인지 뭔지
  4. 그대로 그렇게
  5. 또 하루가 가고
  6. 그댄 예뻐요
  7. 이별 탈출
  8. 내 사랑아
  9. 사랑할까요
 IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE  Kim Hyung Suk – 1st Project Album AC+E (1997)

5. 엄마 아빠 제발

   Kim Won Jun – Dear (1995)

6. Jungle Boogie

   Tantara (1995)

  1. 나는…
  2. 너를 보내기 전에
  3. 청혼가
  4. 엘리베이터
  5. 돌아서며
  6. 이별(Featuring 인순이)
  7. 영원히 둘이서
  8. 잊을 수 있어
  9. 이별을 먼저 배웠기에
  10. 기다렸던 고백
  11. 사랑일년(Remix)
   Blue City (1994)

  1. 날 떠나지마
  2. 너에게 묻고 싶어
  3. 마이걸(My Girl)
  4. 아픔속에서
  5. 너의 뒤에서
  6. 사랑일년
  7. 아직 기다리는지
  8. 사랑 때문에
  9. 너에게 묻고싶어(Ending Version)

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