Infinite: Nothing’s Over

Infinite: Nothing’s Over

by Crystal S. Anderson, PhD

Research Scholar of Cultural Studies

Longwood University

Infinite debuted in 2010, the same year as CN Blue, Teen Top and ZE:A. The group is known for their synchronized and complex choreography, Dong-woo wants the group to be known for its music as well:  “Although ‘Come Back Again’ is an old song, when you listen to it again, it’s a song that has a firm structure with plush arrangements. We matured and were able to make a mark through singing and performing great songs” (billboard).


Dae Yoel & Jae Seok & Dong Hyun | Jang Jun & Young Taek | Joo Chan & So Yoon | Nam Woo Hyun | Lovelyz | Jisun | Joo


  1. INFINITE X EXO (2014 KBS Song Festival) | 2. INFINITE X N.EX.T X EXO X Beast (2014 KBS Song Festival) | 3. INFINITE X Teen Top (special stage) | 4. INFINITE X Super Junior X 4minute X f(x) (2011 KBS Music Festival) | 5. INFINITE X Lovelyz | 6. INFINITE X Teen Top (Music Bank K-Chart)


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REVISED Last Fans Standing: Veteran Fans of K-pop

Crystal S. Anderson, PhD

Associate Professor of English, Longwood University

One of the things that happens when conducting qualitative surveys is that they can raise more questions than they answer. This is what happened with the preliminary data from Last Fans Standing: Longtime and Adult Fans of Korean Popular Music (K-pop). Response rates were unusually low, which was unusual given the rising number of fans who have been fans for more than five years. I speculated that respondents may think that only adult fans who had also been fans for five years or more could take the survey. So, I revised the survey to focus solely on veteran fans of K-pop, individuals who had been fans for five years or more. This means all you fans of ZE:A, CN Blue, SISTAR, Infinite, Miss A, Teen Top, Nine Muses, T-ara, f(x), BEAST/Highlight, SHINee, UKISS, 2PM, IU, Wonder Girls, KARA, FT. Island, Girls’ Generation, SS501, Super Junior, BoA, Dynamic Duo, Epik High, Lee Hyori, Kangta, Se7en, TVXQ, K. Will, Big Bang, 2NE1, 4Minute, Fly to the Sky, g.o.d, H.O.T, Jinusean, S.E.S, Sechs Kies, Shinhwa, and any other group that debuted more than 5 years ago need to get on it!

The revised survey can be found here:

Mini Data Note: Why Fans Like Infinite!


Crystal S. Anderson, PhD

Associate Professor of English, Longwood University

Survey results suggests that Inspirits, fans of the male K-pop group Infinite, like the group because of its strong choreography, vocals and group dynamic.  These results come from the FAVORITE ARTIST: KARTIST3YR DATASET, part of the Hallyu Korean Popular Music Survey. This data note is based on a small sample of 13 respondents.


Respondents repeatedly point to Infinite’s dance skills as a primary reason for the group’s appeal, noting their ability to dance in sync. One respondent stated that s/he liked the group because “they have one of the most dopest choreography ever; they are /nearly/synchronized.” Such dance skills can be seen in music videos like “Come Back Again.”



Other respondents point to the group’s vocal talent. One respondent noted that “all of the members can sing, even the rappers.” Another noted the ability of the members to harmonize. This can be seen in their performance of “Diamond.”

Group Dynamic

Some respondents noted the dynamic between group members. One respondent described the members as “handsome and funny,” while another noted that “they’re serious on stage but down-to-earth off and funny/goofy.”



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