REVISED Last Fans Standing: Veteran Fans of K-pop

Crystal S. Anderson, PhD Associate Professor of English, Longwood University One of the things that happens when conducting qualitative surveys is that they can raise more questions than they answer. This is what happened with the preliminary data from Last Fans Standing: Longtime and Adult Fans of Korean Popular Music (K-pop). Response rates were unusually low,…

Epik High: Epik Music

Epik High, consisting of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz, began their musical journey together in 2003 with Woollim Entertainment, releasing several successful albums. Their efforts helped make the hip hop genre more popular in Korea. In 2009, the members of Epik High created their own music label, Map the Soul Inc. . . ….

iFans Case Studies Status Update

If you keep with research on K-pop, you may be aware of the iFans: Mapping Kpop’s International Fandom project.  The surveys that make up the qualitative studies seek to understand how the fandoms differ from one another and their relationship to the groups they support. K-pop fans know that the fandoms are unique. Because they…

iFans: Mapping Kpop’s International Fandom

IFANS: Mapping K-pop’s International Fandom is a scholarly research project that examines global fan attitudes and activities through surveys, collection of information on online communities and analysis of websites.  Crystal S. Anderson, PhD (Elon University) is the Principal Investigator of the studies and Curator of the iFans project site.

KPK 2.0: The Next Generation of K-pop Profiles

As you know, KPK is dedicated to collecting information about Hallyu-era K-pop. To that end, we are in the process of creating enhanced profiles of Kpop artists and groups, with even more information! KPOPIANA is a collaborative digital humanities project that aims to collect and organize information about Korean popular music of the Hallyu era (1992-present)….

Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky)

Click to jump to a section: BASICS FANFACTS NEWSWORTHY VIDEOS DISCOGRAPHY: KOREAN RELEASES DISCOGRAPHY: JAPANESE RELEASES BASICS  Name  Brian Joo  Debut Fly to the Sky: December 9, 1999 – August 2009 Solo artist : December 2006  Status  Active  Label SM Entertainment (1999 – 2004) PFull Entertainment (2004 – 2010) Jellyfish Entertainment (2010 – )  Fan…


Click to jump to a section: BASICS FANFACTS VIDEOS DISCOGRAPHY: KOREAN RELEASES BASICS  Name  Dok2 (Dokki; Gonzo The Notorious Kid; The Dirty South Korean) (Lee Joon Kyoung)  Debut November 2009  Status  Active  Label Map the Soul, Inc 1llionaire Records (CEO)  Fan Name  None  Origin of Fan Name  N/A  Official Website  Related Websites

Tablo (Epik High)

Click to jump to a section: BASICS VIDEOS DISCOGRAPHY: KOREAN RELEASES BASICS   Name Stage Name: Tablo, English Name: Daniel Armand Lee, Korean Name: Lee Seon Woong Debut 2003 (with Epik High); Solo Debut: November 1, 2011 Status Active Label YG Entertainment (2011-?) Fan Name Airbags Origin of Fan Name Named unofficially in October 2011…