CONFERENCE ABSTRACT: 2013 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA)

Hybrid Hallyu: The American Soul Tradition In K-pop

2013 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA)

Washington, DC • March 27-30, 2012

Crystal S. Anderson, Ph.D. • Elon University

Hallyu (Korean wave), a Korean cultural movement directed towards global audiences, represents hybrid and transnational sensibilities.  Ever since the debut of Seo Taiji and the Boys in 1992, Korean popular music (K-pop) has been influenced by American soul and R&B.  This paper examines the soul tradition in contemporary K-pop by interrogating the adoption and adaptation of the genre by several K-pop groups.

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Brown Eyed Soul

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L-R: Hun Seong, Jeong Yeop Ahn, Yoo Na UI and Yeong Jun Ko. (Source:
 Name   Brown Eyed Soul
 Meaning of Name   N/A
  • Na-UI Yoo
  • Hun Seong
  • Yeong Jun Ko
  • Jeong Yeop Ahn
  • Kyong Tack Lim (was back up singer in 2010)
 Debut   September 8, 2003
 Status   Active
 Label Innext Trend
 Fan Name
 Origin of Fan Name
 Fan Club Website(s)
 Related Websites

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Couple Names

Official Fan Color

Nick Names

Individual Fan Names

Individual Projects

  • Na UI Yoo Solo Project – Back to the Soul Flight (January 8, 2005)
  • Jeong Yeop Ahn – Love You (September 17, 2010)


  • R&B Award, 5th Korean Music Awards (2008)

Television Appearances

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Put It Back

If It’s The Same

I’ll Make Way/I’ll Move

My Everything

Did We Really Love

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   Athena OST (December 12, 2010) (SM Entertainment)

3. 내려놔요 (Put it Back)

   Vol. 3 (November 3, 2010) (Innext Trend)

  1. Soul Breeze
  2. Blowin’ My Mind
  3. 똑같다면 – 타이틀
  4. 그대
  5. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
  6. Rainy
  7. With Chocolate
  8. 담배가게아가씨
  9. Never Forget
  10. Love Ballad
  11. 비켜줄께
  12. Gone
  13. He is Real
  14. Your Song (Gratitude)
   You (September 9, 2010) (Innext Trend)

  1. You (Original version)
  2. You (CF version featuring Han Hyo Joo)
   Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (July 6, 2010) (Innext Trend)

  1. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
  2. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (feat. Supreme Team) – Philtre Mix
  3. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (Planet Shiver Mix)
  4. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (Instrumental)
   Love Ballad/Never Forget (May 10, 2010) (Innext Trend)

  1. Love Ballad
  2. Never Forget
  3. Love Ballad (Instrumental)
  4. Never Forget (Instrumental)
  5. Love Ballad (Piano version)
   I’ll Make Way/Blowin’ My Mind (April 7, 2010) (Innext Trend)

  1. I’ll Make Way (비켜줄)
  2. Blowin’ My Mind
  3. 비켜줄 (Instrumental)
  4. Blowin’ My Mind (Instrumental)
  5. 비켜줄 (Orchestra version)
   The Wind, The Sea, The Rain (November 5, 2007) (Innext Trend)

  1. Intro (The Wind)
  2. 바람인가요
  3. My Story
  4. 오래도록 고맙도록
  5. Interlude (The Rain)
  6. Anything (Through the rain)
  7. 추억 사랑만큼 (feat. 강현정 of Bubble Sisters)
  8. Sweet Thing (feat. Dynamic Duo and Epik High)
  9. Because of You
  10. Life & Love are the Same (feat. 정인)
  11. Round & Round
  12. Promise You
  13. Nothing Better
  14. Interlude (The Sea)
  15. 그대와 둘이
  16. 기다려요
  17. 그런사람이기를
  18. 폭풍속의 주 (The Lord In The Storm) (feat. Heritage)
  19. Hidden Track
   Vol. 1 – Soul Free (September 18, 2003) (Innext Trend)

  1. 북천이 맑다커늘 (Intro)
  2. Brown Eyed Girl
  3. My Everything
  4. 정말 사랑했을까
  5. 해주길
  6. 2003. 7.14AM 2:43
  7. 바보
  8. Candy
  9. Blue Day
  10. Interlude
  11. 술 (C2H5OH)
  12. Go
  13.  시계
  14. City Life
  15. Brown City
  16. 아름다운 날들
  17. Outro

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