Mini Data Note: Why Fans Like B.A.P!


Crystal S. Anderson, PhD
Associate Professor of English, Longwood University

Survey results suggest that BABYs, fans of the male K-pop group B. A.P, like the group because of its uniqueness, music and the extramusical activities of the members. These results come from the FAVORITE ARTIST: KARTIST3YR DATASET, part of the 3Year Korean Popular Music Survey. This data note is based on a small sample of 11 respondents.


Respondents point to the way that B.A.P differs from other K-pop “idol” groups.  One noted that “they have a different feeling to the Kpop industry” and another stated that “they don’t just have a pretty-boy sound.” This can be seen from their debut song, “Warrior.”



Respondents also referred to the group’s musical ability. One stated, “They have a wide variety of types of songs (‘Coffee Shop’ is mellow, ‘Hurricane’ is dance and ‘Badman’ is just hard).” Another stated, “They clearly have a passion for music and the music they make, even sometimes getting involved with its creation.”

Extramusical Activities

Several respondents noted the activities of the members beyond music making. One respondent noted, “They’re having a concert because of their charity works. They have the heart of helping others despite . . . their busy schedules.” Another stated, “The leader participates in helping children and the fans also participate in actions [by] UNICEF.”

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B.A.P.: Badmen

B.A.P.: Badmen

B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) was formed in 2012 under the TS Entertainment label. The six-member hip hop group includes Yongguk (Bang Yong Guk), Himchan (Kim Him Chan), Daehyun (Jung Dae Hyun), Youngjae (Yoo Young Jae), Jongup (Moon Jong Up), and Zelo (Choi Jun Hong). The group had a very strong debut, showcasing their strong personalities through rap, dance, and an intriguing (and ongoing) Alien Bunny mascot/concept. . . . Click here to read more at KPOPIANA!