Park Hyo Shin: The Soulful Voice of K-pop

Park Hyo Shin is a solo artist who performs rhythm and blues and is well-known for his deep, rich and versatile baritone voice. Currently signed with Jellyfish Entertainment, Park often performs with other Korean soul singers, including Brown Eyed Soul, Wheesung, and Gummy. . . Click here to read more at KPOPIANA.


Combination of the Korean words “face” and “best” literally meaning “best face.”

White Day

March 14th, when men give women candy in return for the chocolate given to them on Valentine’s day a month earlier. The intent is to give the guy a month to think about whether he will return the affection.


Combination of the words stalker and fan. Means obsessive fan.


Cheap, sleazy, often called “greasy” behavior.


Showing someone affection in a touchy feely way. Examples: Hugging, hand holding, Bbobbo, etc…


Self camera. When someone takes a photo of themselves.


Curvy female silhouette, perceived as being in the shape of “S.”


Anime character-like, v-shaped jaw line.