A term used to describe over-the-top, hyper active behavior. Can sometimes also mean cheap/cheesy behavior.


Term used by male idols to refer to older males, with the sense of being an “older brother”.  All the members of Boyfriend (all of whom are  six years younger than Kim Donghyun, including the twins) refer to Donghyun as hyung because he is the oldest.


An expression often used to express encouragement (i.e. “Good Luck” or “You can do it!”  Super Junior’s Leetuk Hwaiting!


A hoobae is a person who is a junior in the industry.  It can refer to boys and girls.  For example, SHINee’s Minho is TVXQ’s Changmin’s hoobae, because Changmin has been in the music industry longer.


Hallyu is a term used to describe the spread of South Korean culture internationally. KPop, Korean drama (Kdrama) and Korean film are the primary cultural exports. Credit: photo@yukotvxq.deviantart