Cheap, sleazy, often called “greasy” behavior.


Showing someone affection in a touchy feely way. Examples: Hugging, hand holding, Bbobbo, etc…


Self camera. When someone takes a photo of themselves.


Curvy female silhouette, perceived as being in the shape of “S.”


Litterally means “Older brother” used by younger female sibling. However, frequently used for older male friends. Popularly used as a cutesy petname for older boyfriends or admired male idols.


Often shortened to “Omo!” A type of “Oh my!” expression used to express surprise.


Literally means “older sister” used by a younger male sibling. However, frequently used for older female friends.


Term used to describe the action of sticking out one’s tongue in a teasing manner. Often coupled with actually saying “Meh-rong” at the time of the tongue being extended.


  Youngest member of a group/family. Expected to obedient and respectful toward older members. Also expected to be energentic, childlike and goofy. Example: Dongwoon is the maknae of BEAST, but because of his height and deep voice, people assume that he is older. Instead, Yoseob is often mistaken as BEAST’s maknae because of his younger…


A term used to describe over-the-top, hyper active behavior. Can sometimes also mean cheap/cheesy behavior.