KPK Research Consultations


Working on a research paper or article on K-pop? Unfamiliar with Korean popular culture? don’t know where to start? Ask KPK about a Research Consultation!

As members of the only and oldest aca-fansite for K-pop and related culture and scholarly professionals (kids, don’t try this at home!), Kaetrena Davis Kendrick and Crystal S. Anderson often receive requests for assistance with research related to K-pop culture. We have received requests ranging from high school students asking about the origins of K-pop to media professionals requesting a concept map for Hallyu popular culture. We believe answering such requests is a part of KPK’s mission to “promote the public’s understanding of contemporary Korean popular culture” from a global audience’s perspective. 

Between us, we have a wealth of experience in research and writing for a variety of audiences as well as broad knowledge about K-pop and the media that it generates. Additionally, we are active in the discovery and application of digital tools, and we use this knowledge to curate Korean popular culture, with a specific focus on music and television.

As a result, we are formalizing the request process through Research Consultations, where members of KPK provide assistance in exchange for a guest blog post that meets the editorial standards of KPK. We provide consultations on research projects (including research questions/thesis statements, high school and college research papers and projects), web and print articles, blog/vlog posts;  suggestions for digital tools for fan projects and guidance on website design and structure.

The process is simple. Requesters complete the online Research Consultation Form, where they describe their project, the nature of help required and a topic for the guest post.  KPK will review the request to determine if we can fulfill it, set a timetable for delivery and provide guidelines for the guest post. Word length of the guest post will vary with the nature of the request. Guest blogposts must be on a topic related to K-pop culture, fan and fanclub activities, or industry trends. They must be well-supported with evidence, and not based on opinion or gossip. All guest blogposts must be approved by KPK and conform to KPK editorial standards.  

Research Consultation Form:


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