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iFans Update: Anniversary Fan Projects

  One of the most common projects for K-pop fans is the anniversary fan project. It is usually the result of a call for fans to participate in a project by sending a photo or making a video, then some enterprising K-pop fans combine them together for an anniversary video Because the iFans project seeks […]

UKISS: Going the Distance

U-KISS is a seven member group that is signed with NH Media. The group debuted in 2008 with members Xander (Alexander Lee Eusebio), Kibum (Kim Kibum/Allen Kim), Soohyun (Shin Soo Hyun), Kiseop (Lee Ki Seop), Eli (Kim Kyoung Jae/Eli Kim), Kevin (Kevin Woo/Woo Sung Hyun) and Dongho (Shin Dong Ho). In 2011, Kibum and Xander […]