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4Minute is a female group with members Ji Hyun (Nam Ji Hyun), Ga Yoon (Heo Ga Yoon), Ji Yoon (Jeon Ji Yoon), Hyuna (Kim Hyuna) and So Hyun (Kwon So Hyun). Since their debut in 2009, the group has been signed with Cube Entertainment.

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 Name Park Jin Woo (1sagain)
 Debut  2002
 Status  Active
 Label  Neuron
 Fan Name  N/A
 Origin of Fan Name  N/A
 Official Website N/A
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  • New Artist Award (Digital Awards, 2007)

Television Appearances

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Only Song For You

Hello Doctor/ Hospital for the Broken-Hearted (featuring Fatdoo)

Love Me Love Me

Last Christmas (ft. Ju Bora)

Love is Gone (ft. Ju Bora)

My Love

Fall in Love

After Love

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  Hello Doctor (with Fatdoo) (April 1, 2011) (Neuron)

  1. 기억을 지워주는 병원 (Feat. 현중 of M.A.C)
  2. 기억을 지워주는 병원 (Full Story Ver.) (Feat. 현중 of M.A.C)
  가지마 (feat. Ju Bora) (March 22, 2011) (Neuron)

  1. 가지마 (Feat.Ju Bora)
  Memories (February 23, 2011) (Nueron)

  1. Memories (Feat. 이카)
  사랑후에 Single Album (November 19, 2010) (Neuron)

  1. 사랑후에… (Featuring Kim Dong Hee)
  2. 사랑후에… (D2N Version) (Featuring 김동희)
  3. 사랑후에… (Wave House Version) (Featuring 김동희)
  4. 사랑후에… (Instrumental)
  Rewind (February 20, 2010) (Neuron)

  1. Love Me Love Me feat. 김현민 (Kim Hyun Min)
  2. 잊혀지다 feat. 주보라 (Ju Bora)
  3. Love Me Love Me (Inst.)
  4. 잊혀지다 (Inst.)
  Last Christmas featuring Ju Bora (November 20, 2009) (Neuron)

  1. Last Christmas (feat. Ju Bora)
  2. Last Christmas (inst.)
  Once Again (August 18, 2009) (Neuron)

  1. 부칠수 없는 편지 (Intro)
  2. 이별후애 (Original Version) feat.주보라
  3. 마이크 feat.STi
  4. My Love feat.주보라**
  5. Friends & Lovers
  6. Love Me feat.주보라
  7. Hey! (Interlude)
  8. Miss Fantastic feat.주보라, Carry Diamond
  9. I’m Falling (Interlude)
  10. Fall In Love (Album Mix) feat.주보라
  11. 사랑은 떠났어 (Radio Edit) feat.주보라
  12. 내 사랑의 봄날
  13. 감사 (Outro)
  Fall in Love (March 3, 2009) (Neuron)

  1. Fall In Love featuring 주보라
  2. Fall In Love (Ver. 2) featuring 주보라
  3. Fall In Love (Inst.)
  1st (November 5, 2008) (Neuron)

  1. 이별후애
  2. 사랑은 떠났어 featuring 주보라
  3. 이별후애 (Inst.)
  After Love (April 9, 2007) (Neuron)

  1. 이별후애 (feat. 주보라)
  2. 이별후애 (Wave House Remix) (feat. Ju Bora)
  3. 이별후애 (D2N Remix) (feat. Ju Bora)
  4. 이별후애 (Piano Version) (feat. Ju Bora)
  좋은날 Good Day (October 17, 2006) (Neuron)

  1. 좋은날 featuring Hex
  2. Mic. featuring Sti
  3. 좋은날 (Club Remix)
  4. 좋은날 (Inst.)
  5. Mic. (Inst.)
  6. 좋은날 (A-Cappella)
  7. Mic. (A-Cappella)
  Bounce (September 20, 2005) (Neuron)

  1. Bounce (feat. Donnie J)
  2. U (feat. Hexhades)
  3. U (inst.)
  Break Out (September 23, 2004) (Neuron)

  1. Heartbreaker (Feat. hexhades & D2N)
  2. 약속 (Skit)
  3. 3년전으로 돌아가 (Feat. hexhades)
  4. 질주 part2. (Feat. daDa the MaNiaC & Estesia)
  5. 가지마 (Feat. hexhades)
  6. The One (D&1) (Feat. D2N)
  7. 헤어지는 이유 (Feat. Estesia)
  8. D
  9. Goodbye
  10. 떠나 part.2 (Feat. daDa the MaNiaC & 두고봐)
  11. 마지막MC2
  12. Want You (그대여)
  13. Party Groove
  14. 앨범을 마친 후
  15. U (오직 너 하나)
  Da Hit Maker (August 24, 2002) (Neuron)

  1. 절대로 뒤로 물러서지 않아
  2. 사나이의 Story (Interlude)
  3. 사나이의 Story
  4. 마지막 Mc (Extended Version)
  5. 빙빙빙
  6. 선택
  7. 3년전으로 돌아가 (Crystal Mix)
  8. 3년전으로 돌아가 (Piano & Bass Mix)
  9. 미스터 힙합 (Party Mix)
  10. 질주 (High, Low, Nice & Slow)
  11. 떠나 (Dirty Mix)
  12. 101 (Feel Da Beat)
  13. 선택
  14. 마지막 Mc
  15. 발자국 (Da Unique One)
  16. This Is What You Think…
  17. Never Stop
  18. Never Quit

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