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L to R: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key. Credit: KOOL Magazine December 2010.
Name SHINee (pronounced “shiny”)
Meaning of Name “shine”, meaning ‘light’ + “ee”, a suffix meaning “receive”= to receive the light/spotlight
  • Onew (Lee Jinki, leader)
  • Jonghyun (Kim Jonghyun, “Bling Bling”)
  • Key (Kim Kibum, “Almighty Key”)
  • Minho (Choi Minho, “Flaming Charisma”)
  • Taemin (Lee Taemin, maknae)
Debut May 25, 2008
Status Active
Label SM Entertainment (2008-present)
Fan Name
  • Shawol
Origin of Fan Name
  • “Shawol” is the shortened form of the official name given to the fans by SHINee, based off the romanized hangeul for “SHINee World”: “sha-i-ni” + “wol-deu”
Fan Club Website(s)
  • unavailable
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Couple Names:

  • 2Min (Taemin + Minho)
  • JongHo (Jonghyun + Minho)
  • JongKey (Jonghyun + Key)
  • JongTae (Jonghyun + Taemin)
  • MinKey (Minho + Key)
  • OnHo (Onew + Minho)
  • OnHyun (Onew + Jonghyun)
  • OnKey (Onew + Key)
  • OnKen (Onew + Chicken)
  • OnTae (Onew + Taemin)
  • TaeKey (Taemin + Key)

Official Fan Color: Pearlized Sky Blue


Onew Sangtae – this term was created by the other members of SHINee to describe his most unique character trait: “It is when Onew does something or says something on PURPOSE with an intention to make people laugh. E.G. Body gags, weird eye movements, weird body movements, weird sounds, sudden out-of-context words. However, most of the time, it ends up making the situation awkward.” (from Click here to watch several clips of classic Onew Sangtae!

Hyungwhore – a term netizens came up with to describe Minho’s tendency to befriend hyungs (“older brother to a male” in Korean) in many of the other idol groups. The hyung Minho spends the most time with is Changmin from TVXQ! Click here to watch a video of SHINee backstage at one of TVXQ!’s concerts on their 3rd Asia Tour – Minho is very happy to be hanging out with his hyungs Yunho and Changmin!

Look at how happy Minho is while Changmin hugs him! Credit: MTVK.


  • Dubu (Onew)
  • Bling Bling, JJong (Jonghyun)
  • Almighty (Key)
  • Flaming Charisma (Minho)
  • Handy Boy, Taeminnie (Taemin)

Individual Fan Names:

  • Onew – M.V.P’s (from Onew’s line in “Noona Neomu Yeppo (Reply)”: “Noona, you’re my M.V.P.”)
  • Jonghyun – Blingers (from Jonghyun’s nickname)
  • Key – Lockets (a clever play on words, keys open lockets)
  • Minho – Flamers (from Minho’s nickname)
  • Taemin – Taemints (from around the same time of “Noona Neomu Yeppo (Replay)” – he carried candies to give to SHINee’s noona fans, so Taemin + Mint candies = Taemints)

Individual Projects:


  • Musicals: Hey Bro!! The Brothers Were Brave (as Onjoobong, 2010); Rock of Ages (Drew, 2010)
  • Duets: “Vanilla Love” with Lee Hyun Ji from Banana Girl (2008); “Il Nyeon Hu (One Year Later) with Jessica from SNSD (2009)
  • MC: MBC Park Kyung Lim’s “Byulbam Radio” (2008-2009); KBS-2TV Variety Show “Ya Haeng Sung (Night Star)” (2010); MBC Music Core (2010-present)
  • Lyrics: “Your Name” (Lucifer, 2010)


  • Also a member of the group SM the Ballad
  • Did a duet with Chinese artist Zhan Li Yin on her album I Will, “Wrongly Given Love” (March 12, 2008)
  • Lyrics: “Juliette” (Romeo, 2009); “욕 (慾) Obsession”, “Up & Down” (Lucifer, 2010)
  • Singles: “So Goodbye” (City Hunter OST part 2, June 2, 2011)
  • TV: Immortal Song 2 (2011-present)


  • Appeared in Super Junior’s Attack of the Pin-Up Boys (2007)
  • Co-host of ComedyTV’s Raising Idols (2010)


  • Modeling: Ha Sang Baek’s “Seoul Collection” (2008 [before debuting in SHINee],2009); Pret-a-Porter Busan Fashion Show (May 2008); Lee Sang Bong’s Fashion Show at Dream Forest Festival (2009); has also modeled for Andre Kim
  • TV: KBS special drama Pianist (as Oh Ji Ro, 2010); KBS Dream Team 2 (2011-present)
  • MC: MBC Music Core (2010-present)


  • TV: MBC “TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun!” (as Junsu, 2009); KBS Dream Team 2 (2011-present)



  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards : Rookie of the Month (May)
  • MNET 20′s Choice Awards : Hot New Star
  • Asia Song Festival : Best New Artist
  • Style Icon Awards : New Icon Award
  • 15th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards : Best Newcomer
  • 10th Mnet Asian Music Awards : Best Male Rookie
  • 23rd Golden Disk Awards : YEPP Newcomer Album


  • 18th Seoul Music Awards: Best Newcomer
  • 24th Golden Disk Awards: YEPP Popularity Award


  • 19th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award
  • 2nd Singapore Entertainment Awards: New Generation Artist
  • 25th Golden Disk Awards: Popularity Award & Disk Bonsang (Lucifer)


  • 20th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award & Popularity Award
  • 6th Asian Model Festival Award: Popular Singer Award

Television Appearances

SHINee’s YunHaNam by M.Net: 12 Episodes

SHINee’s Hello Baby by KBS: 13 Episodes

SHINee Photoshoot in New Zealand [listed on YouTube as "pb dvd"]: 1 Episode

Night Market: 1 Episode

School of Rock  - Daejin Horror Special by M.Net: 1 Episode

Flower Boys Generation MBC: 1 Episode

SHINee Virus – Beethoven Virus Parody: 1 Episode

MNet SHINee mini-drama: 1 Episode

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Lucifer – Japanese Dance Ver. B

Lucifer – Japanese Dance Ver. A

Lucifer – Japanese Ver.

Juliette – Japanese Ver.

Noona Neomu Yeppo (Replay) – Japanese Ver.



Ring Ding Dong

Juliette – Dance Ver.



Love Like Oxygen

Noona Neomu Yeppo (Replay)

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Haru (X-Mas)(Released: November 5, 2010)

  1. Haru(X-Mas) – with Oh Joon Sung
Hello (Lucifer Repackage)(Released: September 30, 2010)(Label: SM Entertainment)

  1. Lucifer
  2. Hello
  3. One
  4. Get It
  5. Up & Down
  6. Electric Heart
  7. A-Yo
  8. 욕 (慾)(Obsession)
  9. 화살 (Quasimodo)
  10. 악(Shout Out)
  11. Wowowow
  12. Your Name
  13. Life
  14. Ready or Not
  15. Love Pain
  16. 사.계.후(Love Still Goes On)
Lucifer(Released: July 19, 2010)(Label: SM Entertainment)

  1. Up & Down
  2. Lucifer
  3. Electric Heart
  4. A-Yo
  5. 욕 (慾)(Obsession)
  6. 화살 (Quasimodo)
  7. 악(Shout Out)
  8. Wowowow
  9. Your Name
  10. Life
  11. Ready or Not
  12. Love Pain
  13. 사.계.후(Love Still Goes On)
Prosecutor Princess (OST)(Released: April 14, 2010)

  1. Fly High
2009 Year Of Us (Label: SM Entertainment)(Released: October 19, 2009)

  1. Y.O.U. (Year Of Us)
  2. Ring Ding Dong
  3. Jojo
  4. Get Down [Key and Minho Rap Battle]
  5. SHINee Girl
  6. 내가 사랑했던 이름 (The Name I Loved, feat. Kim Yeon Woo)
Dream (OST)(Released: August 13, 2009)

  1. Countdown
Nana’s BB Song (CF)(Released: July 16, 2009)

  1. Nana’s BB Song
Romeo(Released: May 25, 2009)(Label: SM Entertainment)

  1. Talk to You
  2. Juliette
  3. Hit Me Baby
  4. Señorita
  5. Please Don’t Go
  6. Romeo + Juliette
Anycall Bodyguard(Released: April 3, 2009)

  1. 보디가드 (Bodyguard)
Boys Over Flowers (OST)(Released: January 22, 2009)

  1. Stand By Me
Blue Pink Song(Released: January 6, 2009)

  1. Blue Pink Line Song
Amigo (The SHINee World Repackage)(Released: October 24, 2008)(Label: SM Entertainment)

  1. 아.미.고. (Amigo)
  2. Forever or Never
  3. 산소 같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen)
  4. 사.계.한(Love Should Go On, feat. DJ Oneshot)
  5. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
  6. 너 아니면 안되는 걸
  7. 사랑의 길 (Love’s Way)
  8. 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One for Me)
  9. 화장을 하고 (Graze)
  10. 마지막 선물 (Last Gift – In My Room, Prelude)
  11. 내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)
  12. 혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)
  13. 눈을 감아보면(Four Seasons)
  14. In My Room – Unplugged Remix
The SHINee World(Released: August 28, 2008)(Label: SM Entertainment)

  1. The SHINee World (doo-bop)
  2. 사랑의 길 (Love’s Way)
  3. 산소 같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen)
  4. 너 아니면 안되는 걸 (ROMANTIC)
  5. 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One for Me)
  6. 화장을 하고 (Graze)
  7. 마지막 선물 (Last Gift – In My Room, Prelude)
  8. 내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)
  9. 혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)
  10. 눈을 감아보면(Four Seasons)
  11. In My Room – Unplugged Remix
  12. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
Sanso Gateun Neo (Love Like Oxygen)(Released: August 25, 2008)(Label: SM Entertainment)

  1. 산소 같은 너(Love Like Oxygen)
  2. 사랑의 길 (Love’s Way)

Noona Neomu Yeppo (Replay)(Released: May 22, 2008)(Label: SM Entertainment)

  1. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)[Noona Neomu Yeppo (Replay)]
  2. In My Room
  3. Real
  4. 사.계.한 (Love Should Go On)
  5. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay, Boom Track)

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   SHINee – The First (December 8, 2011) (EMMI Japan)

  1. Lucifer
  2. Amigo
  3. Juliette
  4. Better
  5. To Your Heart
  6. Always Love
  7. Replay
  8. Start
  9. Love Like Oxygen
  10. Hello
  11. The SHINee World
  12. Seesaw
  13. Stranger (Bonus Track)
  Juliette – Japanese Version(Released: August 6, 2011 [MV release date])

  1. Juliette – Japanese Version
  Noona Neomu Yeppo (Replay) – Japanese Ver.(Released: May 26, 2011 [MV release date])

  1. Noona Neomu Yeppo (Replay) – Japanese Ver.

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