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Fin.K.L. (Fine Killing Liberty) is a four-member female group managed by DSP Media. The original members were Annie Lee, Lee Jin, Ock Joo Hyun, and Sung Yu Ri. Before Fin.K.L debuted, Annie Lee left the group, and Lee Hyori was discovered and completed the group. Fin.K.L debuted in May of 1998. Their debut contemporaries include […]

Ethnicity, Glamour and Image in Korean Popular Music

Crystal S. Anderson, PhD Elon University The 1960s girl group concept makes regular appearances in K-pop.  While some think that this kind of image represents a lack of ethnic identity in a quest for mainstream acceptance, I suggest that the 1960s girl group image promoted by women of color represents an ethnic glamour aesthetic. Contemporary […]

Dal★Shabet: Sweet Success

Dal Shabet (stylized as Dal★Shabet) is a six-member group signed with Happy Face Entertainment. Dal Shabet means Sweet Sherbet (“Dal” is short for Dalda [달다] which means sweet in Korean; Shabet is the Korean pronunciation of the English word “sherbet”). To see the enhanced profile, including discographies and videographies, click the image to go to […]


Literally means “older sister” used by a younger male sibling. However, frequently used for older female friends.