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Epik High

Epik High

Epik High, consisting of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz, began their musical journey together in 2003 with Woollim Entertainment, releasing several successful albums. Their efforts helped make the hip hop genre more popular in Korea. In 2009, the members of Epik High created their own music label, Map the Soul Inc. . . . Click here to continue reading on KPOPIANA.

iFans Case Studies Status Update

Infographic based on data collected by Crystal S. Anderson as part of the iFans research study

Infographic based on data collected by Crystal S. Anderson as part of the iFans research study

If you keep with research on K-pop, you may be aware of the iFans: Mapping Kpop’s International Fandom project.  The surveys that make up the qualitative studies seek to understand how the fandoms differ from one another and their relationship to the groups they support. K-pop fans know that the fandoms are unique. Because they have detailed knowledge of the groups they support, they provide a unique perspective on the appeal of their respective groups. Too often, commentators make assumptions about K-pop fans, while the iFans studies goes to the source: the fans.

As the chart above shows, fans of 2NE1 and BigBang have participated the most in the surveys, while fans of Shinhwa and Aziatix have participated the least.   Other groups with high participation rates include SHINee and TVXQ, while other groups with low participation rates include Epik High and f(x).

These participation rates are interesting, because groups like Super Junior and Girls’ Generation have very active global fandoms, yet those numbers are not reflected in participation rates.  Rates may not reflect all fans, just fans who are likely to take (and complete) a survey.  Participation rates may be affected by the activity of the groups.

The iFans Case Studies survey is still active, and now, individuals can take the survey for multiple or  individual groups.

Now that a good deal of data has been collected, look for new research reports on what K-pop fans say about their favorite groups!

iFans: Mapping Kpop’s International Fandom


IFANS: Mapping K-pop’s International Fandom is a scholarly research project that examines global fan attitudes and activities through surveys, collection of information on online communities and analysis of websites.  Crystal S. Anderson, PhD (Elon University) is the Principal Investigator of the studies and Curator of the iFans project site.

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KPK 2.0: The Next Generation of K-pop Profiles

As you know, KPK is dedicated to collecting information about Hallyu-era K-pop. To that end, we are in the process of creating enhanced profiles of Kpop artists and groups, with even more information!

KPOPIANA is a collaborative digital humanities project that aims to collect and organize information about Korean popular music of the Hallyu era (1992-present).  It is built on the Omeka platform, which” is web-publishing platform that allows anyone with an account to create or collaborate on a website to display collections and build digital exhibitions.”  This allows us to present information in a more interactive kind of way.

Members of KPK are in the process of migrating profiles from WordPress to Omeka, as well as creating new profiles in Omeka.  Check out some of your favorite profiles:

2NE1: Music for Anyone

2PM: They’re Your Men

B2UTY and the BEAST

Boyfriend: Can They Be Yours?


Epik High: Epic Music

f(x): The Perfect Formula

SHINee: It’s Another World

SS501: Five Men United As One

AND, one new profile:


Don’t worry! You will always be able to find links for old and new profiles here on the KPK blog, or you can navigate straight to KPOPIANA as we migrate more profiles, so you never have to worry about where to find your K-pop info!  We’ll be rolling out new enhanced profiles over the next few months, so stay tuned!

Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky)

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 Brian Joo


  • Fly to the Sky: December 9, 1999 – August 2009
  • Solo artist : December 2006




  • SM Entertainment (1999 – 2004)
  • PFull Entertainment (2004 – 2010)
  • Jellyfish Entertainment (2010 – )

 Fan Name

 Brian’s Family and Friends (BFF)

 Origin of Fan Name


 Official Website


 Related Websites


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Official Fan Color: 


Television Appearances

  • Family Outing (ep. 3 and 4, 2008)
  • Strong Heart (2011)
  • Oh My School/100 Points Out of 100 (ep. 21; 2011)

Concert Tours

  • 2011 Unveiled Club Tour

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Let this Die

I Loved, Now It’s Over

 My Girl

 In My Head

 Shine (On Your Heart)

 Living One Year in Winter

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  Reborn Part _ 1 (January 26, 2012)(Jellyfish Entertainment)

  1. Let This Die (featuring Tiger JK) (너 따윈 버리고)
  2. Can’t Stop (featuring Jay Park and Beenzino)
  3. Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong (duet with Jade Valerie)
  4. Let This Die (Extended English version)
  5. Can’t Stop (English version featuring Jay Park and Dumbfoundead)
  6. Domino (Acoustic version)
  7. Let This Die (Instrumental version)
   Unveiled (April 7, 2011)(Jellyfish Entertainment)

  1. 눈물의 구성요소
  2. I Loved, Now It’s Over
  3. 나도 약속이 있었으면 좋겠다
  4. 24
  5. Song 4 U
  6. Domino (English version)
  7. I Loved, Now It’s Over (English version)
  8. 사랑하다 끝났어 (Instrumental)
  9. Shine. (On Your Heart_ 단편영화 “출발” OST) (Bonus Track)


  Manifold (December 10, 2009)(On Point Entertainment/Sony Music Korea)

  1. Dreaming
  2. 내 여자 (My Girl) (Featuring Supreme Team)
  3. One Step
  4. Erase
  5. Tell Me Baby (Featuring Day Day of Dalmation)
  6. Lock Me Up
  7. Bullet
  8. Move It
  9. 친구의 여자를 사랑했네 (A Friend’s Girl I Loved) (Featuring Tablo & Mithra Jin)
  10. 눈물이 마르면… (Tears Run Dry)
  11. Do It (“Move It” English version)
  12. Tears Run Dry (English version)
  13. Bullet
  The Brian (December 20, 2006)(PFull Entertainment)

  1. 일 년을 겨울에 살아(Living One Year in Winter)
  2. 가지마 (Don’t Go)
  3. First Date
  4. 사랑하지 않으니까요(Because I Don’t Love You)
  5. 닮아 가기(Becoming Similar)
  6. 하지 말라고
  7. 신사(Gentleman)
  8. 검은 눈물(Black Tear)
  9. 눈물 속으로(Into the Tears)
  10. 바래! 바래! (I Want! I Want!) (Featuring 윤동훈 Trepass)
  11. All I Know
  12. 바래! 바래! (I Want! I Want!) (Remix)

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