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 Showcasing their soulful voices,Big Mama is recognized as one of the most talented, if underrated groups in Korean popular music. Made up of members Shin Yeon Ah, Lee Ji young, Park Min Hye, and Lee Young Hyun, Big Mama signed with M Boat Entertainment (a YG Entertainment company) and released their first album in early 2003. As a stipulation in their YG/ M Boat contract, Big Mama members agreed not to undergo plastic surgery – a commonplace activity in South Korea, especially in the music business.

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L to R: Park Jun Min, Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong (Credit:

Name SS501 (Pronounced Double S 501)
Meaning of Name Superstar Singer[s], 501= Five United as One Forever
  • Kim Hyun Joong (Leader)
  • Heo Young Saeng (Shy Prince)
  • Kim Kyu Jong (Eternal Center)
  • Park Jung Min (Sexy Charisma)
  • Kim Hyung Joon (Baby, maknae)
Debut June 8, 2005
Status Inactive
Label DSP Management (2005-2010)
Fan Name
  • Triple S (Official)
  • Green Peas
Origin of Fan Name
  • “Triple S” stands for “Super Star Supporter”
  • “Green Peas” is the name given to all the fans by SS501, who describe their relationship with the fans as peas in a pod – SS501 is the pod, protecting the peas (fans)
Fan Club Website(s)
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Couple Names

  • Double HJ/2HJ: Hyun Joong + Hyung Joon
  • HyunSaeng: Hyun Joong + Young Saeng
  • GaeMal/HyunMin/MinJoong: Hyun Joong +  Jung Min
  • HyunKyu: Hyun Joong + Kyu Jong
  • KyuMin: Kyu Jong + Jung Min
  • KyuSaeng: Kyu Jong + Young Saeng
  • KyuJoon: Kyu Jong + Hyung Joon
  • MinSaeng: Jung Min + Young Saeng
  • JoonSaeng/SaengJoon: Hyung Joon + Young Saeng
  • MinJoon/Tom and Jerry: Jung Min + Hyung Joon

Official Fan Color: Pearl Green

Nick Names:

  • Baby Joon, Dinosaur, Rabbit (Hyung Joon)
  • Leader Joong, 4D Leader, Dog, Cow (Hyun Joong)
  • Center, Eternal Center (Kyu Jong)
  • Sexy Charisma, Horse (Jung Min)
  • Otter Prince, Shy Prince (Young Saeng)

Individual Fan Names:

  • Henecia (Leader Joong): Combination of the letter H from Hyun Joong’s name and the Latin word “Benecia,” which means “blessed”

Individual Projects

Kim Hyun Joong

  • Kdramas: Dream High (2010) (cameo); Mischievous Kiss (2010); Boys Over Flowers (2009)
  • TV shows: We Got Married (2008); X-Man; Haptic Mission
  • DVD: Ready, Action! Spain Photo Book; First Love Story DVD
  • Music: “One More Time,” Mischievous Kiss OST (2010)

Park Jung Min

  • Radio: Youngstreet
  • TV Shows: Human Theater 2
  • Musicals: Grease (2008-2009), Bonds of Boys (2010)

Kim Kyu Jong

  • Radio: Youngstreet
  • TV shows: God of Cookery Expedition (2008-2009), Manwon Happiness, Shopping King
  • Musical: Goong (2011)

Heo Young Saeng

  • Radio: Youngstreet

Kim Hyung Joon

  • TV shows:  MBC Game “Progamer”
  • Music: Men From Mars, Woman From Venus (2009)
  • Musical: Cafe-In (2010-2011)
  • Radio: Music High



  • 2005 KM Music Festival: Best New Male Group Award
  • 2005 SBS Gayo Awards: Best New Artist
  • 2005 MBC Music Festival: Best New Artist
  • 2005 KBS Music Award: Best New Artist




Television Appearances

  • Thank You For Waking Us Up: Episodes 1-7
  • Thank You For Raising Me Up: Episodes 1-6
  • SS501 KM Idol World: Episode 1-7
  • Big Mama: Episodes 1 and 2
  • S501 Real Story I Am (Arirang): Episodes 1 and 2
  • SS501 The Mission by M.Net Japan: Episodes 1-13
  • M!Pick by M.Net: Episodes 1-65
  • SS501 Romantic Sky by M.Net: Episodes 1-3
  • SS501 Stalker by M.Net Stalker: Episodes 1-5
  • SS501 SOS by M.Net (SS501): Episodes 1-9\
  • Learn Korean with SS501!

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Love Ya

Let Me Be The One

Love Like This

UR Man

You Are My Heaven


Deja Vu

Lucky Days

Song Calling For You





4 Chance

Snow Prince




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Destination (May 24, 2010) (M.Net Media)
1. Let Me Be The One 
(그게 나라고..)
2. Love Ya
3. Crazy 4 U
4. Until Forever 
5. Let Me Be The One (그게 나라고..) - Acoustic
6. Love Ya (Instrumental)
  Rebirth (October 22, 2009) (M.Net Media)
1. Wasteland
2. Love Like This 
하루만(Only One Day)
4. Obsess 
완.두.콩. (Green Peas)
Collection (Released: July 8, 2009) (DSP Entertainment)1. 이름없는 기옥(Nameless Memory)[Heo Young Saeng solo]2. Wuss Up [Kim Kyu Jong solo]

3. 제발 잘해해줘(Please, Be Nice to Me) [Kim Hyun Joong solo]

4. 하면은 안돼 (If You Cannot) [Park Jung Min solo]

5. Hey G [Kim Hyung Joon solo]

6.비겁하지 않겠어(I Won’t Be a Coward) [originally released on Japanese version of U R Man]

We Can Fly (June 12, 2009)
1. We Can Fly
Anycall Haptic Mission 2 (OST) (May 20, 2009)
1. Play
Lonely Girl (February 19, 2009)1. Lonely Girl (Kim Hyung Joon & Kim Kyu Jong)
U R Man  (November 21, 2008) M.Net Media1. Want it2. U R Man

3. The ONE

4. Is It Love? (사랑인거죠) [Heo Young Saeng solo]

5. Never Let You Go [Kim Kyu Jong solo]

6. I Am (Kim Hyung Joon)

  That Man’s Book Page 198 (OST) (October 7, 2008)
1. Gaze (바라보며) – Original Ver.
2. Gaze (바라보며) – Violin Ver.
3. Gaze (바라보며) – Guitar Ver.
Find (July 28, 2008)(DSP Entertainment)
1. 너와 숨쉬다
4. Thank You (고맙다) [Kim Hyun Joong solo]
5.넌나의천국 – Instrumental Ver.
6. FIND – Instrumental Ver.
7. Saranghae x5
8. Thank You
You’re My Heaven (June 27, 2008)
1. You Are My Heaven (넌 나의천국)
2. You Are My Heaven (넌 나의천국) – Instrumental Ver.
  Deja Vu (March 11, 2008) (DSP Entertainment)
1. Deja Vu (데자뷰)
2. A Song Calling For You (널 부르는 노래)
3. Destiny
SS501 (June 25, 2005)(DSP Entertainment)
1. Warning
2. Passion
3. Never Again
4. Take U High
5. Everything
6. Everything – Instrumental Ver.
S.T 01 Now (November 10, 2006) (DSP Entertainment)
1. Existence
2. Four Chance
3. Unlock
4. Again
5. Stand By Me
6. Sky
7. Coward (겁쟁이)
8. Man
9. Hana
10. Confession (서툰고밴)
11. Bye Bye
12. Radio Star
13. Wings of the World (세상의 날개)
14. Warning (겡고) – Remix Ver.
15. Unlock (Heavy Edition, feat. Kim Se Hwang) [Hidden Track]
  Snow Prince (December 10, 2005) (DSP Entertainment)
1. 하얀사사람
2. My Girl
3. Snow Prince
4. In Your Smile
5. Fighter
  Everything (June 22, 2005) (DSP Entertainment)
1. Everything

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  All My Love (May 13, 2009)
1. メッセージ (Message)
2. Mermaid…
5. Get Along
6. Promise to Promise
7. Believe in Love
8. Let’s Break Away
9. Time of Destiny
11. 浅い夢の果て (The End of the Shallow Dream)
12. トラベラーグライダー (Traveler Glider)
13. All My Love
U R Man – Japanese Edition (March 25, 2009)
1. 비겁하지 않겠어 (I Won’t Be a Coward)
2. Sometime

4. U R Man
5. The ONE
6. 사랑인거죠 (Is it Love?) [Heo Young Saeng solo]
7. Never Let You Go [Kim Kyu Jong solo]
8. I Am [Kim Hyung Joon solo]
9. U R Man – Remix Ver.
10. The ONE – Remix Ver.
Lucky Days (June 18, 2008)1. LUCKY DAYS2. Summer Blue3. 君を歌う歌 (A Song Calling For You)4. LUCKY DAYS – Instrumental Ver.

5. Summer Blue – Instrumental Ver.

6. 君を歌う歌 (A Song Calling For You) – Instrumental Ver.

SS501(October 10, 2007)
1. LIVE!
2. Distance ~ 君とのキョリ
3. 4Chance (Watch Game)
4. Honto Ni Sukidatta (ホンとに好きだった)
6. Again
5. Boundless
6. Butterfly
7. Always and Forever
8. サンセット (Sunset)
9. Kokoro
Distance ~ 君とのキョリ (September 19, 2007)
1. Distance ~ 君とのキョリ
2. Gleaming Star
3. Distance ~ 君とのキョリ - Instrumental Ver.
4. Gleaming Star – Instrumental Ver.
  Kokoro (August 1, 2007)1. Kokoro2. Be a Star3. Alice

4. Kokoro – Instrumental Ver.

5. Be a Star – Instrumental Ver.

6. Alice – Instrumental Ver.

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