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NRG: Spreading Energy

NRG: Spreading Energy

New Radiancy Group (NRG) was a popular male pop/dance group that debuted under the Music Factory label in the fall of 1997. The group was formed out of the duo HamoHamo, whose members were Lee Sung Jin and Chun Myung Hoon. NRG was founded with those members and the addition of three new members:Moon Sung […]

Nell: The Language of Music

Nell is a rock band including Kim Jong Wan (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Lee Jae Kyung (lead guitar), Lee Jung Hoon (bass), and Jung Jae Won (drums). Originally an independent group signed with the Goesoo Indigene label, Nell is now signed with Woolim Entertainment. Nell is named after the movie starring Jodie Foster, and the critically […]

Miss A: A Touch of Class

Miss A is a four-member female group that was formed by famed producer Jin Young Park (JYP Entertainment. Predebut, the group was originally known in China as “Sisters,” and had five members. Eventually, the fifth member joined Wonder Girls (member: Lim), and further auditions solidified the current group. As Miss A, members Fei (Wang Fei […]

LEDApple: Daring You To Listen

LEDApple is a group known for their live instrumentation (members play drums, bass, and guitar in addition to vocals). The group has gone through several changes but managed to retain a consistent strong rock/pop sound. On the Startory Entertainment label, LEDApple debuted in 2010 with five members: Youngjun (Seo Young Jun), Kwangyeon (Kim Kwang Yeon), […]


Click to jump to a section: BASICS FANFACTS NEWSWORTHY VIDEOS DISCOGRAPHY: KOREAN RELEASES BASICS  Name Nell  Meaning of Name They named themselves after the 1994 movie “Nell” starring Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson; Nell is a young girl raised in isolation who must interact with people for the first time – the group felt that […]