L-R: Kim Jon Woo, Shin Yon Jae, and Young Jae (Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-E3PbhMK4ocs/TfBiV6mP1sI/AAAAAAAAAUY/l0EcUHVKqWw/s400/4men_The_Artist1.jpg)

4MEN: First Love

  4MEN is a Korean male vocal group known for its R&B-inflected songs, along with other K-pop groups that debuted in the late 1990s, including Fly to the Sky, g.o.d and Shinhwa. ¬†The group began with four members, but its latest releases feature only two members. Despite personnel changes, the group has produced a rich…

4D Personality

A person with a 4D personality is someone who has a unique personality, who has a different way of thinking, speaking and acting. For example, SS501’s Leader Joong is said to have a 4D personality because he models, acts, volunteers, sings and dances and says unusual and exaggerated things.


A term used to respectfully refer to an older woman or a middle-aged  woman who could be married. It can have negative connotations. For example, Insooni may be a veteran of the Kpop world, but you might not want to call her ajumma!