Kpop 101: #-D

4D Personality

A person with a 4D personality is someone who has a unique personality, who has a different way of thinking, speaking and acting. For example, SS501’s Leader Joong is said to have a 4D personality because he models, acts, volunteers, sings and dances and says unusual and exaggerated things.


The act of being excessively cute. For example, cute smiles, hand gestures and poses.


An expression that can be used in different ways: “oh no” or “oh my goodness,” or “aw!”


A term used to respectfully refer to an older woman or a middle-aged  woman who could be married. It can have negative connotations. For example, Insooni may be a veteran of the Kpop world, but you might not want to call her ajumma!


A term used to refer to an older man in his thirties/forties. For example, on Hello Baby, Little Yoogeun refers to MC Kang HoDong as Ajusshi!