Let’s talk about “Let’s Talk About…”

여러분 안녕하세요! Hi everyone! We’ve had a LOT of traffic on the site, which has been really exciting for us since we’ve been wanting to talk to you! We were trying to figure out a way that we could give you, our wonderful friends, a space where you could talk about Kpop. We’re not a […]

Michelle Asks “What about KYU JONG?!”

Hello. My name is Michelle, and my Ultimate Bias is Kim Kyu Jong of SS501. Now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to fill you in on why he doesn’t have his own, special profile on the site. We were deciding today what to do about Kpop idol groups who have […]

The Ever-changing Site

As we sit here and tweak our website layout, we realized that there may be people who get confused with the constant changes. And we also realize that there may be people who are coming to the site and asking, “Where’s all your stuff for N-Train? Boyfriend? 4minute? A-Peace? Aren’t you supposed to be an […]

About the TV Appearances

So, we’ve started adding lists of TV Appearances for all the idols. Which is awesome, right? But you may look at those lists and think that shows are “missing” because they aren’t listed. Variety shows like Star Golden Bell or 100 out of 100, and interview shows like 3 Color Women or Strong Heart haven’t been listed because […]

I Love KPop, But I’m Under 18. Why Can’t I Take The Surveys?

First of all, WE LOVE ALL PEOPLE WHO LOVE KPOP! Shout out to our under-18 friends! We know you are working very hard to keep a lot of us updated with pictures and information about our favorite KPop artists. And while we have an age restriction on the surveys, we really want you to leave […]