KPK Global Recruitment: 2014


Are you a motivated, committed, detail-oriented person? Want to use your love of Korean popular culture for something important?  KPK: Kpop Kollective is looking for undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about Hallyu (Korean wave) popular culture or interested in digital humanities to support KPK’s mission to collect and organize digital material and publish scholarly musings about K-pop and digital humanities.

Fostering a fun and engaging environment, KPK remains the only community of scholars that collaboratively creates resources and analysis of Korean cultural production for a public audience, thereby creating a public intellectual space for examining K-pop from a perspective outside of Asia.   Members of KPK have published on Korean popular culture and library practice and have presented at numerous academic conferences, including Association for Asian American Studies, Association of College and Research Libraries, Central Savannah Library Association Conference and the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference.

We invite individuals from around the world who can communicate well in English and have consistent access to the Internet to apply. All positions are voluntary (nonpaid) and all successful applicants undergo training and a one-month probationary period.  We highly value enthusiasm, commitment and a willingness to learn.


KPK is looking for current or former undergraduate students who have an interest in K-pop to be compilers. Compilers gain valuable experience working on an active scholarly project. If selected, compilers sign up for a three-month term, which may be renewed. Exceptional compilers may be promoted.

We expect Compilers to complete assignment every two weeks.  Duties include:

  • Creating screenshots for KPK projects
  • Creating playlists on KPK’s YouTube Channel
  • Providing relevant content for KPK’s social media

How to apply: Fill out the brief application.  Upon receipt, we will contact you with a sample assignment to complete and return. Members of KPK senior staff will review your completed assignment and make a decision within one week (seven days).

If you have any questions, please email:

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