KPK: Kpop Kollective

KPK: Kpop Kollective collaboratively collects and organizes information on Korean popular culture of the Hallyu era (Hallyu also refers to Korean Wave) publishes scholarly research.  Through the contributions of its individual members as well as collaborative digital humanities projects, KPK seeks to provide analysis and context from a global perspective as well as resources to aid users in understanding Korean popular culture.

The ‘Kpop’ that forms the center of this endeavor refers to K-pop culture, hybridized Korean culture disseminated beyond Korea in the 1990s, initially in the form of music, television and film.  It has also come to include other modes of culture, including language, fashion, design and food. The Internet functions as the major means of contact with globalized K-pop culture as well as the virtual space where Kpop’s global audiences gather.

K-pop culture is significant because it represents a sophisticated and complex mode of Korean culture, shaped by the rapid modernization of Korea in the 1990s.  It is a simultaneously globalized and Korean mode of cultural production, which incorporates elements of Korean and various Western cultures. As a globalized subculture, it has garnered a global following across ethnic, national, gender and generational lines, making it one of the most diverse subcultures and a unique study of both global and nation-specific fan cultures. At the same time, it has economic and political ramifications, for K-pop culture functions as a vehicle for soft power and profit-making for Korea.

The KPK Mission


KPOPIANA is an ongoing collaborative project that aggregates and curates information about Hallyu-era K-pop artists and groups. Through data structuring, publishing and dissemination, KPK collaboratively represents the musical arm of K-pop culture.

Hallyu Writing and Dialogue

KPK publishes original scholarly, informational and thought-provoking work on Korean popular culture by its members as well as from guest contributors. KPK welcomes civil discussion with everyone interested in Korean popular culture from around the world.  While we encourage healthy debate, we insist on respectful dialogue.

Opportunities at KPK

Join the Kollective! KPK invites applications for various positions where you can gain valuable training and experience in writing and scholarly research.

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