Crystal S. Anderson, PhD

CeeFuCrystal S. Anderson is Director of KPK: Kpop Kollective. She is also Director of the Office of Student Research and Associate Professor of English at Longwood University (VA).   She conducts research in transnational American Studies (specifically, African American, East Asian and Asian American cultures in a global context) focusing on popular culture, literature, cinema and media studies, popular music studies and audience reception. Currently, she is conducting research on global K-pop fans.


iFans: Mapping K-pop’s International Fandom is a series of qualitative studies on global fandom and a digital humanities project that aggregates and curates digital material generated by global online K-pop fan communities. All qualitative research has been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board at Elon University, North Carolina, United States. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights as a research subject, you may contact the Chairman of the IRB, Stephen Bailey at or 336-278-6431.  IRB Documentation: Korean Popular Music International Fanbases Project, Korean Drama International Audiences Project.

U.S. K-pop Fan Study

The U.S. K-pop Fan Study seeks to find out the attitudes and opinions of all K-pop fans living in the United States, especially African American, Asian American and U.S. Latino K-pop fans.

iFans Case Studies

While there are many global fans of K-pop, individual K-pop fandoms are not the same. The Fandom Case Studies seek to understand fan attitudes towards the groups they support and how individual fandoms differ from one another . It focuses on 12 groups, all of whom have global, active fanbases and represent a range of K-pop groups: Fans of multiple groups take the iFans Case Studies Survey. Fans who have a favorite group take an individual fandom survey, which asks in-depth questions about one of the following groups:

iFans: Digital Humanities Project

K-pop is a global phenomenon, but currently there is no resource that aggregates and curates  information on online K-pop communities.  The iFans site includes  digital tours and analysis of selected fansites and summarizes results from the qualitative surveys. that support 12 K-pop groups.

Hallyu K-pop Fans Study

The Hallyu Korean Popular Music Study seeks to understand fan attitudes toward K-pop in general.

Hallyu Korean Drama Survey

The Hallyu Korean Drama Survey seeks to understand fan attitudes towards Korean television drama (K-drama). Find out more about Dr. Anderson’s research mission here:  

14 thoughts on “Crystal S. Anderson, PhD

  1. i want to do my dissertation on kpop on the globalisation or westernisation of Kopop but i have no idea what to iclude …..the ideas that I have so far are advertising endorsements, hybridization, fandom, Korea before Kpop … copmparisons please help

    • Tadiwa,

      We are so pleased that you are considering undertaking a dissertation project on Kpop and globalization. Trena has already emailed you, but I’d like to reiterate that I’d be happy to help you also with methodology, relevant theories or outside readers. Hwaiting!

      • Hi, Kpop Kollective Team
        Thank you so much for your helpful email I have replied back to the email from Kaetrena with my proposal ideas. I was an exchange student in Korea last semster and I’m very interested in the globalisation of Kpop. Once again thanks ^^

  2. Hi i live in Australia, and I am doing my HSC major work on the globalisation of K-Pop and the rise of international popularity of K-Pop, so I was wondering if you could send me some information too! :)

    So far I have conducted a questionnaire and focus group to pinpoint which demographic(s) of people K-Pop is most popular with and analysing why. But I am I am also interested in finding out how the internet, media, globalisation, immigration, hybridisation, etc. have been driving forces behind the K-Pop phenomenon.

    I have found it incredibly difficult to find any information on these, so please help me, any information at all that you guys could send me would be appreciated so much!!!

  3. Hi! Just sent an email to your contact address–I’m the editor of an interdisciplinary journal focused on romantic love in global popular culture (, and just discovered the amazing world of K-pop. Would LOVE to get some submissions on K-Pop romance, both for the journal and for our upcoming international conference at York University, UK. So glad I found your site!

  4. Hello!, i’m a student of sociology in Chile and i have to do a presentation for my course of social comunication about sociological comunication theories, cultural studies and medias (and new medias) so i chose k-pop in orden to apply that content, and also because hallyu has reached even my country, so i’m looking for papers, studies, and whatever information that can be useful for my presentation, is more a theorical frame than an empirical study.
    i wish you could help me
    thank you

  5. hello! i’m a doctoral student in socal who studies different waves of korean/american performance (with respect to the postwar afterlives of national division, military dictatorship, and capitalist development)… as well as someone who grew up listening to the ‘golden age’ of kpop during the ’90s. i’m glad i found your site! it’s great resource.

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting on the site. It’s great to see more people doing work on Korean cultural production (and listening to Kpop!). Check your email for an opportunity you may be interested in!

  6. Hello, like many other students who left comments, I too am doing a thesis on Kpop. I would love to talk and of course, receive your ideas and opinions on what I plan to do. Please email me. Thank you.

  7. Hello, I came across your site and as the others, I am working on my thesis and decided to focus on what effects of Korean popular culture there may be on the fans’ cultural identity. I have already written up my survey and sent it out, but one respondent told me that the survey was passive aggressive and negative. I wanted to know your feedback on my survey questions. And also some possible insights. Will you please email me? Thank you!

  8. Hi, I have came across your site while collecting research data on my dissertation on ‘How Korean is the Korean Wave’ which I am focusing on the dispersal of Korean commercialised popular culture, especially the effect of Korean popular music in America.
    It would be great if I could get some suggestions as to which topics I could focus on and also opinions are opened too :)

    Thank you,

    • Hi Irene,

      I would suggest you start with Kaetrena’s Hallyu Bibliography (available on the site) to get an idea of the types of things people have already written on. It may help you to narrow down your topic, and once you do so, you can email me ( and I can assist you further.

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