About KPK

KPK: Kpop Kollective is a community of practice  and a thematic research collection centered on modern Korean popular music (K-pop). Its members are active scholars and aca-fans who work on individual scholarly projects related to Hallyu, a contemporary Korean cultural movement. Members also collaborate on mini-profiles here on Kpop Kollective and curated profiles on KPOPIANA.  The goal of these projects is to promote the public’s understanding of contemporary Korean popular culture, create resources and provide analysis and context on K-pop from a global perspective.  


The ‘K-pop’ at the center of KPK refers to modern Korean popular music that emerged in the 1990s. Blended with Western cultures and directed towards a global audience, K-pop is significant because it is simultaneously a globalized and hybridized Korean mode of cultural production, incorporating elements of Korean and various Western cultures. On one hand, it represents a sophisticated and complex mode of modern Korean culture, shaped by the rapid modernization of Korea.  On the other hand, it has garnered a global following across ethnic, national, gender and generational lines, making K-pop fandom one of the most diverse subcultures.  As a part of Hallyu, it has economic and political ramifications, for K-pop culture functions as a vehicle for soft power and profit-making for South Korea.



Email KPK at: kpopkollective@gmail.com

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