Accessible to the public, KPK: Kpop Kollective is a community of scholars focused on collaborative and discrete Hallyu-related (Korean Wave) research initiatives. On this site, scholars publish academic musings about K-pop and digital humanities and collaboratively collect and organize digital material.

Working collaboratively, KPK: Kpop Kollective collects and analyzes digital material related to Hallyu (Korean Wave) popular culture. This site also houses a variety of individual scholarly projects and digital writing related to Korean popular culture.   Managed by Crystal S. Anderson (PhD), KPK makes analysis of Hallyu accessible for everyone.  Across various web-based platforms, the members of KPK invite all who have knowledge or a desire to understand Hallyu popular culture to participate in KPK’s scholarly endeavor.


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KPK publishes original scholarly, informational and thought-provoking work on Korean popular culture by its members.  KPK welcomes everyone interested in Korean popular culture the world over who can talk about without resorting to the beatdown. While we encourage healthy debate (really, we think there is a rational way to talk about the TVXQ/JYJ situation), we will not tolerate a failure to demonstrate home training. Be passionate, but keep it civil. KPK also invites visitors to participate in KPK surveys.


All You Need To Know About Kpop provides useful information for those new to Kpop.  We collect and organize information, including basic information, facts, videos and discographies and other information on Hallyu Kpop artists and groups.