About KPK

KPK: Kpop Kollective is a community of practice for collaborative scholarly projects that collect, organize and curate information about Korean popular (K-pop) music and culture as well as discrete individual projects related to Hallyu, a contemporary Korean cultural movement.  To promote the public’s understanding of contemporary Korean popular culture, KPK creates resources and provides analysis and context from a global perspective.  Administered by active scholars who are also aca-fans, KPK also provides opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research.


The ‘Kpop’ that forms the center of KPK’S mission refers to Korean popular music, but also often involves the larger culture around K-pop, which includes other aspects of culture, including television, film, language, fashion, design and food. K-pop is a hybridized Korean popular music directed towards a global audience that emerged in the 1990s, the result of increased influx of foreign cultures, most notably, American culture. The Internet functions as the major means of contact with globalized K-pop culture as well as the virtual space where K-pop’s global audiences gather.

K-pop culture is significant because is simultaneously a globalized and Korean mode of cultural production, incorporating  elements of Korean and various Western cultures. On one hand, it represents a sophisticated and complex mode of Korean culture, shaped by the rapid modernization of Korea.  On the other hand, as a globalized subculture, it has garnered a global following across ethnic, national, gender and generational lines, making it one of the most diverse subcultures and a unique study of both global and nation-specific fan cultures. As a part of Hallyu,  it has economic and political ramifications, for K-pop culture functions as a vehicle for soft power and profit-making for Korea.



  • KPOPIANA is an ongoing collaborative project that aggregates and curates information about Hallyu-era K-pop artists and groups. Through data structuring, publishing and dissemination, KPK collaboratively represents the musical arm of K-pop culture.
  • KMI: K-pop Media Initiative: Coming Soon!


Join the Kollective! KPK invites applications for various positions where you can gain valuable training and experience in writing and scholarly research.


Email KPK at: kpopkollective@gmail.com

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